“People before money”, that’s the slogan of Guillaume Ancelet

He surveyed the municipalities of the constituency to cover his readers in view of the next legislative election. Guillaume Ancelet, 39, professor of PE at the college of Chaulnes, resident of Rosières-en-Santerre, will be a candidate invested by Picardie Debout. He will be replaced by Valérie Kumm, Péronne’s departmental councilor. The man wantsdefend the people, bring their voice to the Assembly and contribute to the drafting of laws to change their daily lives.

Education is an issue. What do you think could be improved?

We must break the logic of budget savings and stop considering education as an expense. This is an investment. We should stop closing classes and reduce the number of students per class. Recruit more teachers, school nurses, social workers, guidance counselors to best support young people and their families during school hours. Accompanying Students with Disabilities (AESH) needs to be included in National Education, re-valued and recognized in the fullness of the importance they occupy. It is also necessary to make the vocational education sectors more attractive to attract young people to training courses leading to manual and industrial trade, and the trade of connection and care.

Agriculture is a major sector. What are your proposals in this area?

(…) Large retailers must buy from producers at prices that cover production costs and allow farmers to have enough income to live off their work, invest and avoid debt that is heavy on too many farm. . The Common Agricultural Policy, which is governed at the European level, needs to be reviewed because it favors large areas and therefore penalizes stockbreeders and gardeners in the market. Free trade agreements in goods between states should be repealed. (…) The market should move and favor short circuits.

In rural communities, municipalities are more resistant to petty crime and the feeling of insecurity. What is your proposals?

Let us be careful not to confuse the feeling of insecurity with the insecurity itself. Today, in most towns and villages, people live peacefully and look forward to it. Which doesn’t mean there aren’t some unfortunate news items that need to be addressed. JWe consider that it is through education, the creation and strengthening of associations, clubs, community centers that we can reduce problems. If in the country, we fight the causes of violence (social and cultural suffering, alcohol, drugs, etc.), we will see a decrease in the acts of delinquency. ()

And in terms of domestic violence, is our sector severely affected?

This topic should be the number one priority for public action. Especially after these two years of incarceration. Violence within families (spouse and children) is more important than external violence. To do this, we must strengthen support for associations that fight violence against women, train the police to collect the words of victims and do everything to eliminate the violent parent or spouse. ()

Our territory is one of the sectors most affected by the Seine Nord Europe canal. What is your position on this topic?

The Seine Nord Europe canal is a great project that involves carrying large quantities of goods by river rather than by road. In attending all public meetings on this topic, I see that it raises concerns. In view of the pharaonic project it represents and the effects it will generate locally, this makes sense. The project must contribute to the territory for it to be received, understood and be useful. In a globalized society, we must ensure that this project is not just another opportunity to bring materials from the other side of the world that we can find and produce locally. Major infrastructure will be built and developed around the ports of Nesle and Péronne. A network of roads and trains will also develop to cover the last kilometers. The only rationale for job creation should not be push us to forget the environmental impact. It is important that the municipalities that cross are equipped with everything possible to minimize nuisance. And it is important that theMost of the affected residents, farmers and local elected officials are listened to for successful completion of the task. ()

Finally, in the field of health, what are the measures to keep carers in the sector?

(…) Health is a major concern and should be placed at the heart of public policy. In order for doctors to live in our towns and villages, they need to find everything what they need in terms of working conditions (well-equipped premises, e.g. sa nursing home) and colleagues (multidisciplinary teams). The State should support local authorities in equippings doctors who lived and encourage doctors to live with them. A future doctor is also needed had the opportunity to try, in his university course, the practice of medicine in our countryside. Who knows, it might spark vocations! The law should contribute to this. ()

What do you think of the agreement with the People’s Union that was signed recently ?

The agreement between the various left formations led to the birth of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union. I will be the candidate in 5ika Scope. This is a necessary step towards the unity of the left but especially awaited by those who requested this union before 1eh presidential tower. The various political families showed good will and considered the opinion of the voters to come together on a common project. This is the best way to respond to people’s aspirations. Unity is strength. I am proud to include it here with Valérie Kumm. The opportunity also to salute the local support of the communist sections of Albert and Péronne, of Europe Ecologe Les Verts and of Romain Mareen, has long been expected to bring candidacy to the PS.

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