Le Havre. When the announcement of the casting for a series refers to a scam at 1300 euros

Treating themselves as casters in Normandy, criminals try to deceive you with large amounts of money. (© Adobe Stock/Illustration)

Scam alert! A resident of the region of Haven alert us to an attempted scam by casting for a series shot in Normandy on the theme of the vikings, organized in the spring of 2022. The criminals pretended to be casters in connection with this hunt and tried extort more than 1300 euros !

Assured exchanges

A series should shoot soon Granville, Caen and Rouen Viking is the theme. And so it was with a good heart that Julie, a resident of the Le Havre region, responded to an ad to be part of the extras on this project.

Very quickly, he received a return via email. “They’re very strong, they use production company logos, the emails are very well shot,” he describes in 76news. “They specify the dates of the shooting, ask for contact details, photos, etc. So far everything is normal.»

But then the would -be casters explained they had to pay filmmaking insurance, travel expenses but “that we have no development costs”. Criminals also ask for a registration form and a copy of the identity card. First clue to a possible scam …

A check for 1330 euros to cash … then refund!

“Then, a guy called me, saying he was the financial transaction officer and he told me they were going to send me. a check for 1330 euros for insurance and travel expenses, and I received it by post the next day ”, Julie continued.

He smells the scam hard but he insists on the maximum to collect elements against the scammers. The check received, he was ordered to cash it. It is donethe money is credited to the account. Since then, he has received several text messages and calls. “I was asked if I had a bank card, so they could transfer 1330 euros. »

A complaint to come

The messages, which we were able to consult, were urgent. But the author of the SMS never deign to give his name to introduce himself. The check is in the name of a real company based in Paris. So far, it is impossible to say whether he was an accomplice in the scam or a victim of usurpation.

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“We put all the elements together, we contacted the police and we will file a complaint ”, warned Julie who wants to alert as many people as possible to this attempted scam. “We weren’t fooled, but others were fooled because they were so well put together. »

A common casting scam

James Chabert, president of the Casting Info Service association, who are resistant to abuse in this environment, is hardly surprised by this scam. “It’s been around for 15 years and it exasperates artists,” he explains 76news. “But there has been a real boom in recent years. I have never seen so much.»

One who has been tracking scams for years determines that checks have been sent and cashed. is made of wood and blames the liability of banks “to do nothing, collect and let the money”. She remembers, for example, a young actress “desperate, cheated by 9,000 euros”.

He also attacks sites that deliver casting ads for free “but don’t make trouble to check the information provided, the email addresses, don’t contact the production to be sure”.

One thing is for sure, the precaution is in order. Once you’re offered to send you a check, go ahead, warn James Chabert, and don’t hesitate a report on the Pharos platform of the Ministry of the Interior.

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