Investment of $ 20 million for the region

Telecommunications company TELUS is confirming a private investment of $ 20 million in Bas-Saint-Laurent this year, for the addition of a new wireless site in Saint-Damase and the deployment of its PureFibre network in the communities of Saint-Mathieu- Rioux and Lac -des -Aigles, as well as in the Lac Taché sector of the Zec (controlled harvesting zone) in Rimouski.

The investment is combined with a contribution of $ 1.8 million from the governments of Canada and Quebec under the Éclair I component of Opération Haute Vitesse, and will help bridge the digital divide by stimulating digital innovation in businesses. by promoting the tourism industry, attracting young workers and families, and accelerating the development of virtual health and education services.

Connection for everyone

“Our 1,400 team members and our network of Bas-Saint-Laurent partners are using technology to create a better future by bridging the digital divide through our world-class networks. Today, 99% of the families and businesses in the territory we serve in Quebec have access to our PureFibre network, and we are continuing our investments with the goal of connecting all households to high-speed Internet by September 2022. ”

“We also salute the Quebec Government’s commitment to improve wireless coverage in our regions, with an investment of $ 50 million provided for their latest budget. Today, high-speed connectivity is not just a convenience — it is an essential tool for working, playing, studying, or accessing better health care. Above all, it enables our regions to thrive, accelerate their environmental change and contribute to the influence of their attractions, ”commented Nathalie Dionne, Acting Vice-President, Residential Solutions and Customer Experience at TELUS in Quebec.


TELUS government investment and financial support will accelerate the following projects:

  • communities of Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux and Lac-des-Aigles as well as the Lac Taché sector of Zec de Rimouski. These households have access to fiber optics at home, the fastest and most reliable Internet technology in the world. It offers super fast symmetrical speeds and virtually unlimited bandwidth so the entire household can watch content, play video games, and video-conference simultaneously. The PureFibre network also powers TELUS ’full premium line of residential products and services, which includes a wide selection of healthcare services as well as advanced security, home automation and entertainment solutions.
  • to expand the coverage of 5G in the community. As 5G technology evolves, it will help make our cities smarter and greener, transform agriculture, improve health care, and accelerate the possibilities of connected homes and self-driving vehicles.
  • Since 2000, TELUS and its active and retired team members have volunteered more than 600,000 hours and donated more than $ 10 million in support to local organizations, including the Fondation du Center hospitalier régional de Rimouski, the Association du of Eastern Quebec, the UQAR Foundation, the Maison La Débrouille and the Friends of the Reford Gardens. In addition, the Mobility for the Future and Internet for the Future programs enable youth in vulnerable situations, the elderly, families and people with disabilities to benefit from services at a lower cost.

digital age

“In 2020, Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux has moved into the digital age with the long-awaited arrival of cellular coverage in our community. Since then, 5G deployment projects have accelerated in 2021 and optical fiber is coming this year, and our community has wind power in its sails. The population is growing and many new families want to live in our beautiful part of the country. The investments of TELUS and governments have given impetus to the economic development of our community and to the evolution of its tourist attractions. We are no longer envious of major city centers in terms of connectivity, ”said Roger Martin, Mayor of Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux.

more attractive region

“We are pleased to accept TELUS’ private investment because Lac-des-Aigles now has access to the best in high-speed Internet with fiber optics that goes to homes and businesses. This connection has become indispensable these days whether it is to work online, study remotely or have access to virtual healthcare. Fiber optics also allows companies to prepare themselves with the technological tools they need to surpass themselves, and our region is now more attractive for families who want to live there, ”he said. by Pierre Bossé, Mayor of Lac-des- Eagles.

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