In Sweden, animal welfare is important, a real culture!

While the European Union is increasingly concerned about animal welfare, Sweden remains a leader in this area. Wasn’t the first Human Society born in this country over 120 years ago? “It is fundamental, in our culture! “, Confirmed Annette, breeder. But beware, the “happiness” of his dairy cows will not come at the cost of either productivity or profitability, as you will discover thanks to our tour of Europe.

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You may not know Zozo the Tornado or Pippi Longstocking. Since the 1950s, thanks to these two characters from Swedish children’s literature, generations of children have become made sense of respect for the animal world. A battle led by the author, Astrid Lindgren, beyond his books, which gave him national honor and became a law! Sa Sweden also, was created, more than 120 years ago, the first Animal protection society. It illustrates the interest, as important as it is precocious, of this country for animal welfare.

Animals outside for “their happiness”

A long-standing concern of Swedish in Brussels and which has prompted changes in regulations and practices in other Member States. For Annette and most of her fellow breeders, “animal welfare is paramount”, especially in these regions of the world where temperatures vary between “-5 and -10 ° C in winter”. “It’s in our culture”, insisted this loyal reader, during her childhood, by Astrid Lindgren. So, for the “happiness” of his 130 dairy cows, “they need to be outside from May to the end of October”.

“In the slaughterhouse for the balance of the planet”

I love my cows and the milk they produce, but I also really like to eat them and even know which one I eat, because I know he’s been happy his whole life. Send them toslaughterhouse is therefore not a problem. It is part of the balance of the planet to feed the population, ”explained the farmer. The only animal that stays on the farm: Molly, her 40th birthday gift! Therefore, Annette raised her animals so that their milk and meat would be depleted, in a real world away from “care bears”, where productivity and profitability are important.

My animals have been happy their whole lives.

And if he and his wife started on organic, this is because “it matches their state of mind” and “brings 10 cts more per liter of milk”. 85% of production goes to the large Swedish-Danish coop Arla and 15% are sold directly (fresh milk and processed products): some of the two grocery stores in Stockholm 60 km away (for a fee of € 1.14/l), and others are in a self-service store on the farm, equipped with a vending machine of fresh milk. “No need for a cashier, customers leave money in a tin box and there’s never been a theft!” “, launch the producers that the two sons, who are as passionate as they are, will soon join …

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