Groupe Pr0ph3cy is relying on Montreal to develop its primary cybersecurity tool

“Pr0ph3cy is an insight, a concept around innovation and the evolution of the international cybersecurity market. This is an important moment in our development. As cybersecurity issues accelerate, governments are realizing the importance of strengthening organizations ’digital security. Now is the time to invest in developing and advancing cybersecurity champions, ”he said Arthur Bataille, founder and CEO of Pr0ph3cy Group and chairman of Silicom and Seela.

This expansion came as the Pr0ph3cy Group benefited from a fundraiser of more than 21 million dollars (CAD) conducted with pan-European private equity firm IK Partners.

“Montréal has become an international hub in the field of cybersecurity. The establishment of Silicom within this ecosystem seems strategic to us. Our recent fundraising will result in direct investments in our structure in Montreal to accelerate development of our activities and the deployment of the Seela training platform ”explanation Berthold Roth, Vice President and Director, Silicom Inc. and Seela in Canada.

Experts to advance cybersecurity research

To achieve its recruitment goals, Silicom and Seela intend to rely on the local talent pool as well as international recruitment. Experts recruited can actively participate in research work in Montreal. In fact, Silicom is doing its own artificial intelligence projects in the field of cybersecurity: intrusion tests, malicious detection, etc. These projects are based on AI reinforcement learning algorithms, developed by Silicom teams.

The Seela platform is also available for training future talents in a university setting. With more than 10 cybersecurity research chairs and laboratories, Montreal leads Canadian cities in terms of cybersecurity research and education programs.

“With world-renowned researchers and more than 21,000 workers with cybersecurity skills, Montréal is positioning itself as a center of expertise in this innovative field. The Pr0ph3cy group demonstrates this by choosing our city to host. deploy an innovative tool and by attracting international talent that will contribute to the development of our local ecosystem.We are proud to support such investment structuring projects for Greater Montreal and its economy tomorrow, “he said Stéphane Paquet, President and CEO, Montreal International.

“For several months, our team has been working closely with Silicom and the Pr0ph3cy group, offering them the support they need for their expansion into the Quebec terrain. The advantages of doing business in Quebec for French companies are numerous and players in the field of cybersecurity can be convinced of finding a welcoming ecosystem there to develop their ideas and achieve their ambitions.Our experts based in Europe and here will continue to support the subsidiaries of foreign companies so that they can contribute to the development of our strategic sectors “, he said Hubert Bolduc, President of Investissement Québec International.

The Pr0ph3cy group is pleased to host the first edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum in Montreal on November 1 and 2, 2022. The Group has participated in the Lille event in France for several years. During this flagship industry event in 2020, it formalized its partnership with Airbus CyberSecurity as part of the launch of the Seela platform.

About Pr0ph3cy

The group consists of Silicom, a cybersecurity consulting services company created nearly 40 years ago, and Seela, an e-learning platform created in 2019 that aims to raise the skills of IT professionals. in the field of cybersecurity. The group, which consists of 280 people, is led by Arthur Bataille. For more information, visit the websites and