Five late sequels of the film were unexpected because they were so successful

Hollywood likes it remakes “, they” rebooting and, above all, the result. In the eyes of major studios, these represent safer values ​​than any original proposal. As a rule, suites are made quickly, just to strike the scaffolding while it’s hot. However, there are also final sequels, which are much rarer. Showing this Friday, Top Gun: Maverick (VF) thus appears 36 years after its predecessor. For the occasion, here is a top 5 sequels were released decades after the original.

It should be noted that the long -term saga such as Star Wars, Alien, Rambo, terminator where madmax (the great Fury Road belong to other than reboot), as well as cycles such as Antoine Doinel, François Truffaut, or the beforeby Richard Linklater.

5. Return to Oz (Oz, an extraordinary world1985), released 46 years later The Wizard of Oz (The Wizard of Oz1939)

Back in Kansas, young Dorothée thinks only of the beautiful land of Oz, to the great dismay of her uncle and aunt, who have entrusted her with the care of a psychiatrist dedicated to electroshock. There was even talk of a lobotomy. Yes, it is really a question here of a film for children, the most evidently made by the Disney studio. Fairuza Balk, later noticed in The Craft (Black magic, 1996), succeeded Judy Garland and proved excellent. Directed by Walter Murch, an exceptional photo editor and sound winner of three Oscars (including for Apocalypse Today), Return to Oz was conceived at a time when Disney was trying to recreate itself in films for young viewers with darker content, such as Something bad this way came (The Dark Fair, 1983), after Ray Bradburay. Unfortunately, these attempts ended in commercial and, in this case, critical failures.

In a reassessment published in 2021 on The keeperRick Burin celebrated his “cruel and harsh worlds”, writing: “In my eyes, Return to Oz constitutes the most elusive of cinematic creatures: the superior suite. The film has flaws, sure, but also dizzying ambition and a fierce central performance. »

4. The Color of Money (The color of money1986), released 25 years later The Hustler (the scammer1961)

In 1962, Paul Newman received his second Oscar nomination for Best Actor for The Hustler, published last year. The star played Fast Eddie Falson, a billiard ace trying to reach the major leagues. But up to 25 years-and four other nominations in the same category-Newman later won the coveted statue for his role as… Fast Eddie Falson. Directed by Martin Scorsese and also starring Tom Cruise, The Color of Money is both a tribute to Robert Rossen’s classic, and a “real” film from the director of Taxi Driver.

In the magazine Movie How, Scorsese said in 1988: “Even when I try to make a movie in Hollywood, there is something in me that says, ‘Go in the other direction.’ Sa The Color of Moneyin collaboration with the two big stars, we tried to make a Hollywood movie. Or rather, I tried to make one of my films, but there was a star Hollywood: Paul Newman. It’s mainly about filming about this American icon. »

3. Psycho II (Psychosis 21983), released 23 years later psychology (Psychosis1960)

Alfred Hitchcock’s film is one of his most iconic. As a shy motel manager living under the thumb of a cruel (and homicidal) mother, Anthony Perkins has delivered the performance of his career. However, one of the nice surprises of the sequel was certainly the actor’s often spicy composition, which we saw in Norman Bates ’skin at the end of two decades of internment. A student of Hitchcock, director Richard Franklin signed a polite and effective presentation enhanced by Dean Cundey’s excellent cinematography (Halloween, Jurassic Park) and melancholy music by Jerry Goldsmith (deliberately contradicting Bernard Hermann’s frightening music). The film is largely very well written by Tom Holland, whose screenplay acts as an old -fashioned mystery and a slasher simultaneously. This section probably explains the mixed reviews at the time.

In a subsequent re -reading, John Kenneth Muir advanced his work Horror Films of the 1980s : “Doon saan psychology tried to confuse and be surprised by modern narratives […], Psycho II take a different approach. While it has its fair share of surprises, Psycho II is wonderfully straightforward and sincere about its key personnel. […] Franklin’s insistence on making it a character study gives the cinema’s most notorious serial killer a larger scale than was presented in the original. »

2. Saraband (2003), released 30 years later Scenes from married life (1973-1974)

Sa Scenes from married life, perhaps one of the most beautiful titles found, the couple Marianne and Johan quarreled and endlessly reconciled for ten years. After airing the television version in 1973, Ingmar Bergman prepared a montage for cinema the following year. Rebels after 30 years with Saraband, a sequel to the hardships of the Marianne and Johan couple that was first broadcast on television, then shown in theaters. Long separated, the exes reunite-not without a fight-as Marianne visits Johan, who has retired to the world.

When the film was released in Quebec, colleague Odile Tremblay wrote: “From the preface, we understand that everything will be said and hidden in cello tunes, that Bergman’s clear ferocity will naturally flow. hatred and love, reconciliation and revenge, are replaced here by interposed performers, all of which are remarkable. »

True: just seeing Liv Ullman and Erland Josephson re -live in those roles is enough to move you. Just like the fact that Sarabandan act of minimalism and purity, is Bergman’s proven testament.

1. blade runner 2049 (2017), released 35 years later blade runner (1982)

In 1982, blade runner received a lukewarm reception and earned a disappointing income. Ten years later, a version closer to director Ridley Scott’s original perspective made it possible to measure the film in a different way. Now considered a masterpiece, this story of a bounty hunter who specializes in tracking humanoids with limited lifespan continues to have tremendous influence, especially for its retro-futuristic environment that combines film noir and manga. Chosen to direct the surprise sequel, Denis Villeneuve not only presented himself to the challenge, but he was also able to create an incredibly rich work, both in terms of content and form.

At the time of release, these pages wrote: “In a brilliant script that enriches the existentialist inquiry of the first film with unexpected evolutionary considerations (original co-screenwriter Hampton Fancher, is back), Denis Villeneuve has developed more of a rich universe in which it shows unexpected aspects. Fans will also be glad to know that there are mysteries that this sequel has a good idea to leave unsolved. »

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