Essone. Using knives, they targeted the unhappy women to steal their money

Judicial Court of Évry, Wednesday May 19, 2022. (© Actu Essonne – TB)

Driss*in legal recidivism, and Pierre*, with a blank record, each came out with a knife in their pocket on May 23, 2022, to “get an easy ticket” on “a whim.” The starting point for the escalation of violence, between Orsay and Bures-sur-Yvette (Essonne). They appeared in the criminal court of Évry-Courcouronnes on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

Freezing environment

The courtroom was shocked. Captured, silent … Cold. There is something wrong. The two defendants express themselves in a confusing simplicity and coldness, they are delicate, even excessive, they are expansive, add incriminating details, all with a bright bonhomie.

Under the amused look of the court, the young men took turns removing the facts of the extreme violence, in a calm and serene voice. The speech is perfect, the awful contrast.

The prosecutor will even throw at them:

“It’s scary what happened, it’s horrible cold blood!”

But before returning to this breathless climax, let’s retreat first …

A first extortion attempt

On the morning of May 23, 2022, Driss and Pierre were both in the apartment on the first floor. And, “to make an easy ticket” as the lawyer of one of the victims declares, they decide to go out … Each one is holding a kitchen knife.

The two acolytes took the RER, then hid around an ATM in Orsay, the knives logically hidden.

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There, a woman in her fifties appeared, shot thirty eurosdata suddenly surrounded. Pierre in the front, Driss in the back. Knife pointed at him at the level of the lower abdomen, Pierre barked: “Give the money!” »

The woman cries out for help, her eyes focused on a store she knows. Someone came out. And, by chance, his assailants went wild.

Later, Pierre will admit that he prefers to target a sad woman to a “heavy” man, almost shyly slipped: “If there is resistance, we have to use a knife…”

Done a theft …

An hour after this first attempted extortion “by violence”, around 1:30 pm, Driss and Pierre toured the campus of Orsay university, in Bures-sur-Yvette. They are waiting for a new opportunitywhen a young student is alone on a street.

The starting point for the escalation of violence. Pierre secretly quickened his back, and surprised him with his knife. He wanted money, but didn’t have it. Her bag?

There were only clothes in it … Driss came like a second blade, and stole his mobile phone by inserting his hand inside the pocket of his coat.

Problem, you need code. A drawing, for sure. Second problem, in panic the victim didn’t unlock his laptop, at least not fast enough for Pierre’s taste. It warns:

“When you make a mistake again, you’ll get one”

Pierre thinks he’s laughing at her, which he deliberately misses. So he knocked. The blow knocked the maiden down. And Pierre continued: “Do the code, otherwise you will fall! »

Finally, the student was able to unlock the phone … But his test was not over yet.

The attackers returned to the charge

In the leak, Pierre forgot the password. They decided as friends to go back there. They found their victim, but this time a man with a yellow hood intervened after a few minutes.

“Are you hot? I’ll plant you! Driss shouted at him, earlier charge it with a branded knife. “But he ran faster than me,” he said at his audition.

Another witness, who turned white, came one after another. Driss growled: “If he shoots him, I plant him! » As Pierre retrieves the password from the phone, the student is slapped again.

Without success: the two young men flee again, but without a password this time. Aside from the hurry, Pierre forgot his knife and was scared of the “fingerprints” he might leave …

In return, they will be arrested by the police, who are called by more witnesses.

A “distressing honesty”

After a reminder of these facts, accompanied by the defendants ’almost indifferent statements, a victim’s lawyer leads to the floor, specifically explaining that the latter was absent due to“ reactive anxiety ”and“ traumatic shock. “. The fire

Then, the prosecutor will yield a “distressing honesty”, a “gradation”, and wonder: “what would have happened without the quick arrival of the police? What would have happened if the yellow -eyed witness hadn’t run faster kneeling than the defendant? “Questions, no answer, necessary.

After deliberation, the court will finally decide to sentence the two men to 30 months with a warrant of committal, a ban on dealing with Orsay and Bures-sur-Yvette, and a ban on carrying a firearm for 5 years.

For moral damages, the student will receive an amount of 2000 € (in addition to 600 €, with respect to article 475-1 of the code of criminal procedure), while the woman will get 500 €.

*Names have been changed.

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