What investment should you invest?

With rising inflation, the French no longer know how to invest their money properly. Between investments that no longer yield anything and investments that are too risky, there must be a happy medium that makes savers happy. Fortunately, this is the case with a simple and effective savings product. What is this investment that our countrymen are most interested in? Before revealing this, it’s important to zoom in on financial products where you shouldn’t invest your money.

Why should you not invest in a life insurance policy with euro funds?

  • Life insurance contracts with euro funds cause losses of their money holders.

Life insurance contracts with euro funds returned just over 1.1% to their holders in 2021, less than inflation.

  • Life insurance contracts with euro funds are risky.

The risk of life insurance contracts with euro funds comes from the fact that they are heavily invested in government bonds and governments are heavily indebted. How can they pay off their debts?

  • Life insurance contracts in euro funds cannot be purchased on loan.

So it is impossible to take advantage of an impact by investing your money in a life insurance policy with euro funds to increase your assets faster.

As testified by Gregorie Moulinier, one of the founding partners of La Centrale des SCPI (www.centraledesscpi.com), the first French digital savings network: “More and more customers are calling us at to reduce their exposure to life insurance contracts in euro funds and invest in shares of real estate investment firms (SCPIs), which at best bring in approximately 6% net profit per year.

Why shouldn’t you invest in real estate using Pinel’s law?

  • The tax benefit may be reconsidered.

Six reasons can cause savers to lose their tax advantage: non-compliance with rent ceilings, tenants not respecting resource ceilings, reselling property during the commitment period, non-compliance with energy standards, a last day of delivery of the property 30 months following the date of purchase and rental of the property for more than 12 months after the date of its delivery.

  • The purchase price of real estate investments in Pinel is often very high.

In fact, the promoters are taking advantage of the fact that savers are benefiting from a tax cut to make them overpay the price of the apartments being sold.

  • The investment zone is sometimes questionable.

Too much has been done by some developers in certain areas in France, resulting in not finding a tenant with all the tax risk associated with it.

Expert tip: Investing in real estate just for tax reasons can be particularly harmful. By putting your money into performance SCPIs, there is no risk of tax reclassification.

Why should you not invest in a Retirement Savings Plan (PER)?

  • PERs can be dangerous.

This is particularly the case for PERs who have invested in the stock market. The Exchange is for insiders only and it is easy to lose money.

  • Savings remain blocked until retirement, except in the event of early release.

Who said we wouldn’t need the money we put into a PER? There are cases of course of early release of his money but they are quite strict.

  • PER is a stack of fees.

The medium in which PER money is placed generates costs, as well as PER itself. Therefore, management fees are aggregated.

Also, it is better to give up putting your money on a life insurance policy in euro funds, on a real estate purchase in Pinel and on a PER and invest in performance SCPIs.

Why should you invest in the performance of SCPI components?

  • Yield SCPIs bring in approximately 6% net profit per year.
  • Yield SCPIs are mutualized savings products.
  • SCPIs avoid any management barriers.
  • Yield SCPIs allow you to invest your money in France and Europe.
  • SCPIs can be purchased on credit yield or through temporary dismemberment of ownership.

How to buy performance SCPI shares?

Since the price performance of SCPI units is the same regardless of the distribution channel, it is better to use SCPI professionals.

“Instead of going through your bank, which only distributes its own SCPIs, it is better to ask us for advice because we have independently distributed all SCPIs in the market for over 10 years,” recalls Théo Darroman, manager at La Centrale des SCPI (www.centraledesscpi.com).

With prices continuing to rise and falling in their purchasing power, the French are rightly concerned. Regarding their savings, they also think about how best to invest them to avoid mistakes.

Among the investments that should be avoided are both life insurance contracts with euro funds, real estate purchases in Pinel and PER. On the other hand, investing your money in the performance of SCPI components becomes more meaningful, especially to increase your purchasing power.

To make the best choice of performance SCPIs, feel free to contact consultants at La Centrale des SCPI (www.centraledesscpi.com/, the leading SCPI comparator on the market.

More than a million French people have already invested their money in SCPI components and this is just the beginning. Also, why wouldn’t they like or strengthen its allocation to SCPI, especially by investing in SCPI components on credit as long as interest rates are still low?


Investing in an SCPI is not guaranteed, both from the point of view of dividends received and of capital protection. SCPIs are dependent on changes in real estate markets.

Before any decision to purchase SCPI shares, seek professional advice to ensure that this investment matches your asset profile.

Finally, like any real estate investment, consider the fact that SCPIs are long-term investments whose minimum holding period cannot be less than eight years.

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