“We owe a company’s performance to individual dynamics”

The North Gazette-Pas-de-Calais : Can you tell us about Ingram Micro in some numbers?

Sophie Deleval: The group, on a global scale, achieved a turnover of 46 billion euros, including 1.6 in France. We are present in 57 countries with over 35,000 employees and deeply rooted in Hauts-de-France with our French division headquarters: 280 at the Lesquin site and 120 in Lomme for our logistics platform and storage space. Originally, it was a small computer logistics company in the northern part bought by the American group Ingram Micro in 1989. In France, Ingram Micro has nearly 9,000 active customers and 950 resellers in Hauts-de-France alone. -France. From Lesquin, we address the entire French market.

What is your sector of activity?

We are a technology distributor: we source the products we resell by our 200 supplier partners in France. It goes through infrastructure, storage, cloud, cybersecurity … In other words, everything that comes from the field of iT. Our profession has evolved drastically. B to B represent almost 70% of our turnover.

Which means?

Our professions have become virtual. Even though we had already started to change, everything sped up with Covid. We offer both PCs and printers, but mainly businesses with high added value, such as the cloud, cybersecurity … If the cloud made its revolution ten years ago, it should we expect iOT and artificial intelligence in the coming years. . What is at the heart of the news is cybersecurity.

Are companies always aware of the risks? We also saw an increase in cyberattacks during the Covid era, against all types of organizations
(+225% ransomeware in 2020, editor’s note)

Clearly cybercrime is growing and at the heart of business strategies. Our duty is to support them and raise their awareness. We rely on our centers of expertise to provide solutions: data protection, systems, infrastructure diagnostics, risk treatment … But also support for projects or on-site deployments.

Will the cloud replace existing infrastructures?

It is certain that there is an increase in cloud power but everything does not change there. We’ve been talking about it for ten years but it doesn’t replace the historic business. On the other hand, we are seeing a significant acceleration in the collective needs of homes and businesses, and Ingram Micro has achieved double-digit growth since 2020. In our field of activity, we cannot really say a crisis. Getting back to normal is obviously complicated, but our corporate culture saves us.

Are you having difficulty with supply?

Yes about semiconductors, processors … There are some product breaks. The infrastructure market remains dynamic but is really suffering from shortcomings. We are in products with a very short life cycle, constantly with new technologies, we are almost in the logic of fresh products! This is what is exciting in our professions.

Your Best Workplace 2022 recognition (after the first Great Place To Work certification®in July 2021) confirms the quality of working life, at this site 450 m2 in the heart of the Arteparc in Lesquin, as well as in Lomme and your three Ile-de-France agencies. What does this mean for the president that you are?

Covid encourages all companies to invest in quality of work life. Being A Great Place To Work® and Best Workplace, it’s a huge pride and it also helps to attract new talent. This requires us to continue to be attentive. For a company to be successful, it must perform and include individual dynamics. The crisis has taught us that people are a factor of success. The difference is a company where there is a strong culture and that is, it has not been replaced by artificial intelligence!

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