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SOF project members. Photo: CVN/VNA
Hanoi (VNA) – Among the projects participating in the start -up competition titled “IU Startup Demo Day 2022” are projects related to modern technology including many applications that are highly valued for their connectivity and effective impact on the user.

The big winner in the “IU Startup Demo Day 2022” competition was 3B (Bicycle Between Bus), a project that connects bus stops to a bicycle rental service. “The 3B project aims to facilitate the movement of students, students and low-income people who often use public transport in Ho Chi Minh City,” said Vo Van Thành Dat, a member of group 3B.

In fact, the bus stops are so far away, passengers spend a lot of time walking. So, a cheap bicycle rental service at bus stops near dormitories, universities and cheap apartments will solve this problem. Just install the app, pay a small fee, unlock the bike and passengers can move freely from one bus stop to another.

Thành Dat added that the 3B team studied the needs of users before proposing this technological solution. Information about consumers and their experiences will be recorded in the app to improve service quality, ensure safety and connect community activities. The group plans to connect the cycling network to better meet customer needs once the Bên Thành – Suôi Tiên metro is implemented.

“We want to improve travel by using new technologies. Initially, to reduce operational costs, the team will rely on the existing customer file in the BusMap application, and then expand its user group then. Depending on the actual need, we will adjust the number of bicycles to take advantage of the service in the best way. At a relatively low price, we hope to get a network of loyal customers “, added a representative of the group. 3B.

Projects valued in competition Presentation of the 1st prize of the “IU Startup Demo Day 2022” competition to the members of the 3D project. Photo: CVN/VNA

Project born from real life experience

Another start-up project called SOF (Save Our Food) by four International University students under the National University of Ho Chi Minh City has also caught attention.

“The project was born from real experience. In fact, when cleaning your refrigerator, sometimes you discover the forgotten expired food. Thanks to this application, users only need a smartphone and take a simple operation after purchasing the products. A reminder is then automatically repeated in the order of expiration of the products to reduce oversights “, said Dô Pham Minh Thu, member of the SOF group.

Food data is recorded in the app by scanning paid invoices and SOF reminds users when the expiration date of products is approaching. The app can suggest foods based on user data. Each time they manage to “save” their food, users accumulate points to convert them into real food. The app also builds a network of users who are able to connect with each other while sharing recipes and cooking tips. The goal of SOF is to save food resources and limit waste.

In addition, this project also aims to help companies strictly control their food stocks as well as the shelf life of products. By controlling expiration dates, SOF will be able to limit food waste, help users save money while reducing negative environmental impacts … In the future, the team will continue to demonstrate this project during competitions to perfect it before its implementation.

As a startup competition for young people, for four years, the “IU Startup Demo Day” has received many ideas and initiatives in the fields of health, education, agriculture, science and technology. After selecting the best projects, the organizers put the young people in contact with experts to gradually implement their ideas and initiatives. The winning teams continue to receive help and support for the development of their products until they are launched on the market.

“All teams are supported and trained by experts. We greatly appreciate the creativity and feasibility of this year’s projects. All groups used modern technology to focus on sustainability and connect the community. There were many creative ideas. the idea should be supported to be implemented as soon as possible, ”shared Trân Thi Ngoc Diêp, head of the competition’s Organizing Committee. -CVN/VNA


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