Preview: Two Point Campus

A few weeks before the release of Two Point Campus, we had a chance to discover the first 4 levels. And when Shenron’s fangirl isn’t available, other management fans stay here. Promise, you’ll graduate and get into debt, because this is my project!

For those who skipped previous courses, Two Point Campus is the 2at Two Point licensed game, followed by Two Point Hospital. This one was placed as a tribute game to Hospital theme, a classic management game with a unique atmosphere. In any case, read the test published by Shenron in 2018.
All right, have you read that? Perfect! Because overall, Two Point Campus is a single game: same engine, similar interface and therefore, similar gameplay. But does it look hopeful?

No matter how much you say it’s just the same cake, you still want it.

Aba, oo! Even though I only had access to the first four levels, I was able to play it for about ten hours, including a rush level to access the last one where I spent … too much time. But let’s go into a little detail: the first level teaches you the basics: for your training, you need an amphitheater, lab room and teacher, because you run a university. doctor? Please return to the hospital. Lessons will provide experience to your students, but lessons alone will not be enough, a library will allow them to work outside of class. Their motivation to take their course depends on their happiness. The formula will be simple: students are happier working. Should you have a good campus, it will also give you training points that will be used to expand your current sections or create new ones.

The second level will put you in the head of a university that trains talented chefs of the future: fish and chips, hamburgers, ketchup pasta, hot dogs, the finest dishes are completely mastered by your students. It is also an opportunity to create clubs to seize their free time and see them develop new skills. The Brisk Walking Club is a must for anyone working in the restaurant industry, so you can get to your shift faster and the pan isn’t boiling over yet! Similarly, the quick nap club will keep them going when they leave the season aboard a cruise ship or a ski resort. Unfortunately, this also includes student associations, who will ask staff, money to party (they do that, lazy people…). Moreover, you can send your students to participate in contests, enough of their party whatever it is, can also do it after a trophy. But ended at 2at level, we still have mechanics to discover.

They have a party and then they cry because their grades are weak …

The third level is the least time I have spent, there is nothing against it but I am starting to run out of time and I still have 4 leftat levels to discover. You will need to build your school of knights. The news? Enemy “raids” are the main mechanic carried, be it rival knight or otherwise, you will need personnel capable of providing security. The star needs to move to the next level obtained, let’s go!

Poule-de-lard was once a famous magical university, but its infrastructure was outdated, its financial situation was precarious, and the establishment was cursed by a student who failed his exams. On closer inspection, it looks like my favorite Football Manager scenario: straighten up and go back to the top. So you start by getting a loan from the bank to redevelop the campus a bit. One of the goals you will have is, in addition to repaying the loan, to have a temperature in the establishment that is conducive for students. It will take you a bit of time because now you are on your own to understand the mechanics. This level is the first where difficulty is seen: it is impossible to reach average grade goals without competent personnel. I then sought to improve admission conditions for students; in fact, if they study in the library it will cost less. But there too it is not enough. The book club, which improves their experience, also did not achieve the goal. Meanwhile, the campus grew, staff increased, and money flowed. If at the end of my access to the demo I still haven’t validated the level, I can’t consider it a failure: the average score is B and the goal is B+, financially I’m earning approximately a million per year, enough to destroy the university and completely rebuild it. The game caught me and I fell into a time -consuming trap: just a month, just finished that training, etc. Well -known sensation in management and strategy games. However, it is only 4at level of a game that is likely to have more, the difficulty is likely to increase further and the need to optimize its campus with it. But in these early levels, the game is addictive and enjoyable, it just lacks a bit of financial risk to make it exciting.

I see … a bright future for this game … and … a pumpkin? slim! The potion of fire!

Its result 1eh semester? Extremely encouraging, although we can easily identify the base of Two Point Hospital, these four levels suggest great possibilities in terms of originality and gameplay. The world of academia allows, I think, more creativity than the world of hospital and it should be reflected in a lifetime. Moreover, the game does not seem closed to the idea of ​​transforming Poule-de-Lard into a prestigious chivalrous or gastronomic university. Come to think of it, maybe with real cuisines, my students would have learned to follow their potion recipe. In any case, I can’t wait to see the final game and what it has to offer compared to a Two Point Hospital with all its DLC. The potential is there and the jury gives you encouragement.

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