More than 3000 vacancies with French startups in Barcelona

Between French start-ups born in Barcelona and those, always more, who live there, recruitment is running fast in the sector … and salaries are rising.

Photos: Amenitiz

Since the end of the toughest pandemic restrictions, the Catalan capital has faced a wave of major arrivals of technology companies. Some come here to develop the Spanish market, the leading international market for French start-ups, most have set up a hub there for their development. An attractive climate and quality of life 1h30 flight from Paris, a pool of international talent on site, Barcelona attracts tech companies and it is nothing new. ” It was quite an Eldorado for startups, and then the good plan happened, and it got more complicated, ” said Guillaume Rostand, president of French Tech Barcelona.

In the recruitment market, the powerful ManoMano, Papernest and Payfit are now competing with startups created in Barcelona by French founders such as Payflow or Amenitiz, who themselves have raised huge funds and are renting in retaliation. According to some experts, there are currently between 3,000 and 5,000 vacancies at French Tech Barcelona. Similar profiles are quite similar and the pool is shrinking. “The question is no longer just to find the right candidate, but to find the candidate at the right price”, explains Antoine Détis, founder of startup Tool4staffing, which specializes in recruitment. A simple job offer is no longer enough, the potential candidate often contacts the company or a recruitment firm, especially through Linkin. Courted, pampered, he “Should be treated as a prospect” according to Antoine Detis.

Emmanuelle Guinefolleauco-founder of Amenitiz, has fully integrated it and believes that “candidate experience” `not to be missed. The startup plans to recruit 200 people this year and has set up a Talent Acquisition team with 10 people, assisted by companies. “The candidate wants a quick response, we can’t take a month and a half to respond to him, otherwise he will look for other opportunities”explanation of the entrepreneur making it a point of honor that his recruitment processes will not exceed two or three weeks.

By recruiting international profiles, companies also aligned themselves with higher salaries than the Spanish average. François Lejolly, a tech recruitment specialist in Barcelona for 8 years, explains that he has seen salaries rise “15% at least in three years, sometimes up to 60% in IT profiles”.

The sun as an argument … but not only

The demand for technological profiles is global, and competition is stronger on the possibilities of working remotely. Barcelona, ​​however, stopped the game and manages to attract as well, for its quality of life. “I explained to investors that having areas with terraces is important for recruitment”, says the founder of a Barcelona startup that brings in most of its candidates from France. Because by offering to go and work during the day, companies have strong arguments. “We live a little bit behind the attractiveness of Barcelona, Guillaume Rostand confirms, this is a fairly important lever, we will inevitably find more interested candidates than other destinations ».

The Catalan capital is attractive for its climate, but also, more and more, for its development prospects. With so many unicorns now installed and other great successes to start, it offers one of the best European ecosystems in the sector. For Emmanuelle Guinefolleau, the sun is no longer the main motivation: “more and more great companies, the profiles we recruited are coming here to have a career, and we can have a good career in Barcelona”. An observation shared by François Lejolly, who manages to bring in French people who previously lived in Germany, London or even Hong Kong. And a blessing for the French in Barcelona, ​​which remains a privileged breeding ground for startups in need of candidates.

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