Li $ on, cloud rap magician in Lyon

The 26-year-old hip-hop artist and rapper, Li $ on occupies a unique place in the Lyon scene with sounds that mix RnB and cloud rap. This summer, he will be reviving his lunar style in several places in agglomeration: at the Subs this Wednesday June 15 (just after the anniversary of the Rue89Lyon aperitif!), At the Transbordeur on July 2 and at the Woodstower festival at the end of August.

Lison remained uncertain for a long time, hesitating between a career as an illustrator or a musical.

“I am very honored to perform a concert at Les Subs”, Li $ on under the Kraken des Subsistances. © AR/Rue89Lyon

As a child, he started music in a fairly conventional way, including piano and music theory. He joined a contemporary music group when he was just 9 years old. Then another, this time on the rock, which followed him throughout his adolescence. When the group split up, he suppressed music to devote himself to art and train as an illustrator.

As a singer, the young woman at the time even thought that she had reached her limit.

“Rock, we have been doing it for a long time. I, as a singer, can’t reach what I want. And definitely, I’ve been able to push my limits with more digital music, ”he said.

Cloud rap made from Lyon, signed by Li $ on

But in 2018, he discovered a new universe that allows him to express himself in a different way.

This is how he moved towards a style that was contrary to what he found out: RnB mixed with electro.

“I usually can’t label what I do, but people say I do cloud rap,” he says.

His many musical influences help explain, in part, the identity he forged, altered by RnB with Chris Brown, Usher but also Avril Lavigne and Paramore in rock. For American rap, he was influenced by artists like Future and Gunna.

Concerts and animal hearts for Li $ on

“For 3 years, I worked in my room, I built myself as an artist. Then one day, I decided to set foot in the studio with my regular beatmaker, ”she says.

In 2018, when he returned to music, he did everything himself, from his interludes to editing his own clips. From now on, Li $ on is well surrounded. The Lyon rapper was accompanied on stage by his beatmaker and friend Taemintekken and some of his dates were arranged by 69degrés.

In general, Li $ on discusses topics related to love and its tortures, trying to convince that it is possible to erase a person’s traumas. But the theme particularly close to his heart was animal rights. He has long been an activist in this field, which is why one of his first projects focused on these issues. Young Lyonnaise is determined to make it the main subject in her next sounds.

Li $ on will perform on several stages in Lyon this summer: at Les Subsistances, at the Transbordeur and at the Woodstower festival. He will attend the final of Buzz Booster in Nantes: a national competition for detecting Hip Hop artists. In addition, projects are underway and will be published in September. Now, he can’t live from his passion, so he has another professional activity. However, he hopes that one day he can devote himself to music.

The young artist lent himself to the game of our questions and answers series “It’s fine to be an artist”.

Rue89Lyon: What was your first artistic act?

Li $ on : Complicated because my goal used to be to be an illustrator. So I would say in the drawing. At the same time there was music early in my life. Then if I’m going to take something irrelevant but somewhat rooted in the artistic world, it’s when I started creating my first grimoire. I was small then. I make magic potions in the garden and I keep this thing: it’s a real thing I still have to this day.

What artistic skill do you find unbearable?

I would say circus. I don’t know if this is considered an artistic exercise but yes the circus with animals.

What is the biggest artistic scam for you?

For a bit spicy, I would say Ben is an actor. The man who wrote all our kits in college. To me, this thing is a scam. Too easy.

I give a very important place to my outfits, they are always chosen according to my mood

Your worst memories at a concert?

There’s one thing I bring to myself, because I change the stage again, it’s to chain the clothing changes behind the curtain for 50 seconds. It’s very stressful. For my last show, I had to do it three times. It’s traumatic because if I don’t do it during those times, I will be ruined. I give a very important place to my garments, they are always chosen according to my personality and my mood.

Which of your parents do you think you have a problem with?

wala ako. I can’t really get them, they support me and they always support me. I love them both, I have no problem with my parents.

To which political personality can you dedicate one of your concerts?

For once, I would say, even though I’m not very into politics in real life, the one that best fits my way of thinking is Greta Thunberg. Someone worships a little what. Someone who is keen on the truth. I myself am an animal rights activist.

The last cultural product consumed / bought / borrowed?

I ordered vinyl. So I immediately consumed it. Harold Budd vinyl is contemporary jazz music.

“My artistic projects are solid, I think it will work”

Have you ever experienced sacrificing your art for money?

No and I have no intention. I intend to stay honest with myself.

The project for the next concert is: 1/ rebuild your financial health, 2/ show that you are (still) alive, 3/ prove to a flirt that you are a rapper?

I will say first.

And if not, do you plan to have a real job someday?

Now, I don’t make money from music, so I have a food job like most. A real job [rires]. Honestly, I seem to be doing 150,000 at the same time, but all my artistic projects are solid, so I think it’s going to work. It’s a real job, music.

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