How to make a business plan for a salad bar franchise?

Would you like to open a franchise salad bar and have already chosen your subject and done your marketing study? So you now need to create a business plan to get funding for your business creation project. Here are the 5 steps to follow to create the business plan of your franchise bar.

Introduce the team and the origin of the salad bar project

Banks follow, and finance, first a project carrier before financing a project. They actually need to verify what they are assigned to “Man/project equation”. That’s why the first part of a salad bar franchise business plan, like any other business plan, is always a presentation of the project and the teams that carry it.

In the case of a salad bar, the franchisees on their side often expect from candidates sensitivity to nutrition, health, well-being and the environment.. And for some reason, salad bars being part of the healthy food market, these questions are at the heart of the project.

To the extent that it is on the side of the franchisee as well as on the side of the bank, an attribute for eco-responsible activities and participating in well-being is not enough : he still has to have the necessary skills to manage a restaurant and its team.

That’s why it is always desirable to have experience as a manager and/or manager of a profit center.

Here’s what you need to include in this first part of your business plan for a franchised salad bar:

  • Your course and professional experience as well as your skills;
  • The motivations that prompted you to open a salad bar.

This last part in particular allows you to introduce your market study.

Present the local market study

The salad bar franchise that you have chosen has the legal obligation to provide you with a general status of its market before signing the contract. So you can use this general market status to introduce this part of your salad bar business plan.

However, if you have followed the criteria of our article entitled “Choosing a salad bar franchise”, you know that the study of the local market necessarily precedes the choice of the language: he should in fact choose the salad bar franchise best suited to the chalandise areawith its socio-demographic characteristics as well as with the competition already implemented.

You must therefore continue demonstrating why have you chosen, on your chalandise area, the sign you have chosen. And whether it is generalist, specialist, bio, conventional, classic or exotic.

The objective of this part of your business plan is to demonstrate the relevance of the implementation of a new salad bar in the targeted chalandise area. Knowing that the salad bars target an urban, active, young customer and dynamic, with strong purchasing power of preference.

  • Does the targeted chalandise area have enough frames?
  • Is a university campus present in the target chalandise area?
  • What is the average income of homes in the target chalandise area?
  • Who are the competitors (positioned in the healthy segment)?
  • Etc.

This first approach allows to determine the business volume potential of a healthy restaurant. In a second time, it is also possible to indicate the location or at least the target implantation area if the location has not yet been selected. And this, in order to demonstrate the potential of this implementation in terms of traffic and socio-demographic characteristics of users.

Demonstrate business and communication strategy

In a franchise, the marketing strategy as well as the national communication strategy of the salad bar are determined by the chosen language.. This part of the business plan for your salad bar is therefore a transcription of the positioning and strategy of the franchise.

However, you should also specify the local communication strategies that you plan to put in place, in particular to ensure a good start to the activity.

  • Event assessments (on the street, in companies or higher establishments, etc.);
  • Promotional launch offer;
  • Communication on social networks;
  • Sponsorship system;
  • Distribution of flyers;
  • Etc.

Local communication is indeed the prerogative of the franchisee and not the franchiseeeven if the latter can hold its own competition to guarantee the success of its network members.

Demonstrate the economic model and financial forecasters

Like the communication strategy and the marketing strategy, the economic model of a franchised salad bar is that of science. However, the reality will depend on a lot of the rates negotiated with local suppliers, from the amount of investments made to renovate the restaurant premises, as well as the chalandise area.

This is why you need to retrieve data from your local market study, your financing plan as well as your sales forecasts to cross with the data provided by the franchisee in order to develop, in consultation with the latter, realistic financial forecasters who will also serve well to convince your bank that you will serve as a guide, a steering tool to manage your bar to salads.

  • Investments to be made;
  • Financing plan;
  • Treasury plan for the first year;
  • Balances and accounts of forecasted results for the first three years.

Here are the necessary accounting documents to finalize the business plan of your franchised salad bar.

In this part, you need to demonstrate how you can make money thanks to your salad bar.

Edit the executive summary

Finally, you should compile an introductory synthesis of your franchised salad bar project: this is the executive summary. Clear, concise and complete, it summarizes in a few lines the main points of your business plan, which constitutes the introduction, to seduce the banker and give him the desire to read more. This is in a few ways the pitch of your salad bar project.

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