Handball. JS Cherbourg close to the elite … but at what cost?

Maximilien Tike and the Cherbourgeois are having an extraordinary season in sporting terms. But getting into the deep end of Starligue is a big challenge for the club economically.

At the door of the French handball elite, JS Cherbourg lives in those important days behind the scenes. While the club will soon achieve the biggest success in the history of Manchois team sports, the economic question is creating turmoil. Decryption.

How much is the budget of JS Cherbourg?

The club has triple its budget for ten years. From 600,000 euros in 2012, it rose to € 1.9 million distributed along with grants from local authorities (36%), private partnerships (35%), ticketing (17%) and other revenues (12%).

Sa Proleagueang meaning of the budget is 1.4 million.

It works, we move step by step. The structure should move at the same speed as the athlete, but not burning its wings.

Vincent FereyPresident of JS Cherbourg

What is the average budget at Starligue?

In sports, JS Cherbourg is very close to landing in the upper echelons of French handball. Simply put, he can find clubs with higher budgets there. If Paris SG is out of competition (€ 17.8 million), most are between 6 and 2.5 million euros.

And if money doesn’t bring happiness, it helps in recruiting seasoned players (so the fee is more expensive).

The proof: the two smallest budgets, Saran and Nancy, are close to relegation.

Should the budget be doubled?

As you understand, in case it rises, in order to complete its workforce and recruit players, it is important for JSC to raise its budget. Should it be duplicated? “We want to reach 3 million”, submitted Vincent Férey, confirming the words of Nicolas Marais, president of the League of Normandy, at the start of the season.

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The challenge for the entrepreneur is to find, together with his managers, more than 1 million euros in a few weeks.

The JSC’s expected budget is three million euros in case it rises, or about 1.1 million more than this season.

Foot appeal has been launched in large companies

Along with communities (read below), private sector contribution is another pillar of JS Cherbourg’s budget. “It represents more than a third of our revenue”, underlined Vincent Férey, who made the development of the administrative and commercial side a priority.
The arrival of Justine Pinon as business and finance director, “the best recruit of the year”, according to the president, is a real “plus” for forming the club and making partners willing to join it in this project. On the nights of the Chantereyne match, the VIP lounge is full, which over the years has been a place where people meet while enjoying a good night out with their employees or customers. “There is euphoria, many companies want to join us”, exclaimed the leader, also from the private world, who nevertheless wanted to climb into a gear.
Not new. In 2012, JSC president Denis Bastard evoked his “dream of attracting major contractors like Areva, DCN or EDF”. Now, the names have changed but either Orano or Naval Group or EDF are “premium” partners.
The head of history, Marcel Clairet is convinced that the flagships of Manchoise’s economy are the key: “We must surf the purple wave that continues to thrive, hoping to see these large companies, finally, to strengthen this movement which gives honor, the promise, the victory of an entire population who are happy to see themselves at close range behind this group. »
“We are a dynamic territory with thriving businesses that must support projects in the name of the territory’s fame and of living together”, abundant mayor Benoit Arrivé, who clearly sent a call from foot: “The good image of the city is a collective creation in which these companies are stakeholders. It is up to the club, together with the communities, to show the importance and interest of the project so that they can solicit and attract them to its condition. »
When asked, the managers of these companies do not seem insensitive to this “project territory”. Invited to position themselves in a possible interaction, they kicked in for the moment of contact. JSC leaders hope their phones will ring this summer. It’s up to them to convince them.

Can communities help?

This season, the local authorities provide a subsidy to JSC in the amount of € 640,000. ” The municipality of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin was the first partner ”, recalled Mayor Benoit Arrivé, who had an annual subsidy of € 340,000 voted on which should add € 70,000 for Covid, the free loan from Chantereyne, staff support and the Sports Palace project.

If it ever rises, we will do our responsibilities but other communities will have to do the same. I will schedule a meeting soon to see what else everyone can do.

The cooperation of the Normandy Regionwhich already provides € 140,000 (including € 40,000 for the training center), should come close to what is being done for SM Caen (€ 200,000) if JSC is to include the elite.

Norman sport requires a high level of locomotives, JSC has succeeded in promoting the region, managing training and arousing popular enthusiasm.

Sylvain LetouzeRegional Councilor

The Cotentin (who pays € 30,000 under the “attractive” skill) will vote or not Attachment June 28, as confirmed by David Margueritte, without specifying the amount.

Finally, a meeting with the department (€ 60,000) is considered.

Is the denial of climbing considered?

No. If they win the pitch next weekend in Dijon, JSC will move to Starligue. “The climb is undeniable,” confirmed vice president Stéphane Grout.

“Now, we want to go there to gain experience, it’s an opportunity to save time, it will help us for the future”, confirmed Vincent Férey who launched, a year ago, the Cap 2024 project.

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