Google Cloud launched its cloud region in Madrid with more than 600 million investments

This will create 10,000 jobs

PARIS, May 25 (Benin News) –

Google Cloud launched its cloud region in Madrid on Wednesday, the first in Southern Europe for the company, a project framed with an investment of 650 million dollars (609 million euros) made in the country.

The company estimates that the region, called Europe South West 1 and comprised of three facilities, will generate a total of 10,000 jobs and have an impact of € 1.3 billion on the country’s economy.

Google Cloud Iberia CEO Isaac Hernández and tech company international president Adaire Fox-Martin conducted the commissioning of the network’s data centers at an event on Wednesday in Madrid.

In this region, Google has 30 cloud areas around the world, which will soon be joined by Milan and Paris. The one inaugurated on Wednesday was the first region opened by one of Spain’s tech giants, marking the beginning of a series of openings expected in the coming months with the arrival of regions prepared by Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, IBM and Oracle.

At the following press conference, Mr. Hernández clarified that there are three spaces, one in a building provided in Alcalá de Henares by Telefónica and two more by two other partners that provide building and access to energy, while Google Cloud is installing technology.

Mr. Hernández underlined the company’s good relations with Spanish operators, especially Telefónica, which is also a supplier of equipment for its submarine cable socket in Bilbao.

The three centers will have equal power and will be connected to each other to guarantee the identity of the service.

The event took place in the virtual presence of the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who featured the city’s virtues to attract digital investments, and was closed by the Secretary of State for Digitization and artificial intelligence, Carme Artigas.

The latter highlighted Spain’s ability to attract talent and technology companies thanks to the combination of good quality of life and highly qualified personnel. He also called for the duo’s promotion of sustainability and digitization with new insights such as green algorithms.


The region began operations on May 9 and currently has approximately 100 customers, including Carrefour, BBVA, Mapfre and Leroy Merlin.

On the other hand, a group of 30 Google partners, from foreign multinationals like Kyndryl, Accenture and NTT Data to Spanish companies like Minsait, the digital solutions subsidiary of Indra, Making Science, AtSistemas and Sngular, are already providing their services in the region.

Google Cloud Iberia engineering director Javier Martínez highlighted the company’s security measure, which uses its own cryptography technology and will strengthen European digital sovereignty.

Among the benefits for the user, Mr. Martínez featured mainly the reduction in latency, which has been just one in Madrid from 20 or 30 milliseconds and less than ten in the rest of Spain since the region launched.

Executives pointed out that many customers will transfer their data directly to the region, especially those serving only national territory, but also others who can split their data, depending on the geography in which they operate.

Good connections with Spain were also highlighted. Google recently connected one of its submarine cables to Bilbao and a few weeks ago announced a new cable that will connect Lisbon and Africa, which will affect the connectivity of the entire Iberian Peninsula around the world.

In recent years, Spain has positioned itself as one of Europe’s leading centers for investment in digital infrastructure, with Madrid affirming its position as a ‘digital hub’ for the south of the continent.

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