Evander Kane led the NHL to playoff goals with 10

If you ask San Jose Sharks members if they’re excited to see Evander Kane play under a different sky, I’m convinced the answer is yes. In fact, she had cancer in the dressing room on the brink of her many controversies.

But I’m also convinced that if you ask Edmonton Oilers members if they’re happy to rely on him in the playoffs, the answer should be pretty positive.

Perhaps by now, Kane is taking his gas equivalent, knowing full well that this is his last chance to keep his place in the sun. But on the ice, what he does works well.

Yesterday, within six minutes of the second period, Kane scored three goals, bringing his total to 10 since the playoffs began. He is alone in the world in this category because Jake Guentzel is eight. Note that in 29 career playoff games in San Jose, Kane had only six goals.

His 13 points in total clearly shows his usefulness: to score. And meanwhile, Connor McDavid (three assists yesterday, including two on goals from Kane) and Leon Draisaitl (four assists yesterday, including three on goals from Kane) to cheer it up.

McDavid is in his sixth straight game with at least two points.

Leading the league are the two Oilers stars with 23 and 19 points respectively and McJesus has speed compared to Wayne Gretzkyliterally. They were followed by Nikita Kucherov with… 15 points.

Will it break Kane’s bench this offseason? Does any team – the Oilers, for example – want to give him a mid -term contract? And how much?

Undoubtedly this is a pretty difficult file to guess during the off-season because there are bigger implications than just giving him a chance to score regularly. And if we’re going to trust Flames fans and Matthew Tkachuk telling him about his money problems, Kane might want to do just that.

And no, CH is not in a position to enter the playoffs and does not have the necessary leadership to accept it …

But that is for the next few weeks. In the short term, the Oilers are coming off a 2-1 lead in the series against the Flames in a battle in Alberta that continues to be talked about.

And with that, I think in particular the work of Milan Lucic, who exceeded the limits yesterday by hitting Mike Smith directly. He is preparing for the next game …

And even the Flames coach came to the defense with his players which is said to have slowed his momentumeveryone knows that hitting a goalkeeper like that (and at that speed) is not done.

Georges Laraque also wants to join the Oilers to avenge the honor of his favorite club.

The Oilers goaltender left the game (probably because of a spotter for concussions from the NHL because he was also caught in a free-for-all following the hit), but returned shortly after to cheer from the crowd.

And at least he’s okay.

Will the tough guy of the Flames (formerly Oilers) be suspended? I don’t know, but the league needs to change the gesture.

Even the #1 Flames goaltender gave up on the game. Clearly, in a series currently 2-1 in favor of the Oilers (who lost Game #1), there is a lot of action.

This is also the case with all the series because it is crowded almost everywhere.

Anywhere? Except in a small town in Tampa Bay, where the Lightning (3-0 in the series) are still struggling and always fighting an attacker who seems unwilling to get their hands on a series that could end tonight.

But otherwise, the Blues are still in the game against the Avalanche, who could take a 3-1 lead tonight. A Colorado-Tampa series is nearing its final, by the way?

And clearly, it’s developing between the Rangers and the Hurricanes. Talk to Gerard Gallant.

Last night, the Rangers brought the two teams back to a 2-1 series in favor of the Canes by winning a game opener in the series. But as we can see, the coach of Blue Sandos isn’t exactly a happy customer with how his opponents handled the late game.

That’s why he asked Tony DeAngelo to go somewhere else if he was there, he who “prepared the next game” once the dial passed last night.

Same thing for Max Domi, who was also not right to hear the mermaid announce the end of the match. Nor did it make Gerard Gallant happy.

And he didn’t hesitate to say it at a press conference, mentioning that he had the tools to fight back.

Looks like Ryan Reaves will be busy on Tuesday night …

At the show level, there’s really nothing missing since the series started. However, we need to learn how to better protect league players because of the emotions on the carpet, it can fall apart.

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