Barça: Laporta broke PSG in Mbappé case and players “kidnapped for money”

The Blaugrana president discussed the possibility of bringing the two club legends back to Camp Nou and gave his opinion on Mbappé’s case.

Joan Laporta told Lionel Messi and ‘enslaved’ teammate Neymar that they should return to Barcelona for free, while attacking Paris Saint-Germain for ‘kidnapping’ Kylian Mbappé. Neymar established himself as one of the best players in the world in his four -year season at Barca, where he was the third member of the attacking trio along with Messi and Luis Suarez, but left the club to join PSG in 2017 on a record transfer.

Laporta paid tribute to Neymar and Messi

The Brazilian met Messi again at the Parc des Princes last summer after the Argentine was forced to leave the Camp Nou due to excessive club wage charges, and Laporta believes the pair are now tied to their respective contract with the reigning French champion. It has been suggested that PSG could put Neymar on the market after tying Mbappe to a new deal, but Laporta doubts a move will be made for the 30 -year -old.

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“Who wouldn’t love Neymar? He’s an extraordinary player”, The Barca president told L’Esportiu de Catalunya. “He has a contract with PSG, he has four or five years left. These players who have signed with clubs like PSG have almost signed their bondage. For the moneyLaporta added to the fact that Messi and Neymar are now linked with PSG: “Messi is gone. We all want him to end his sporting life here and for some reason he can’t. It can’t be because of the rules of fair play in the Spanish league and the proposal of PSG”.

“These players, when they enter a dynamic like this find out that they can’t leave because the operations are a few million euros. Tell me, in the case of Neymar: I don’t know how they are in France, because Maybe they have other systems that we don’t have here, but canceling the system signed in advance is costly. It’s also true that PSG has State behind it, he has a lot of money and might be able to advance to be terminated. contract “ added the president of Barça.

The return of Neymar and Messi to Barça?

The Blaugrana president has said the club can only sign Messi and Neymar on a free transfer basis, given the price to be paid to snatch any of them from PSG. “Should Neymar come for free? All players who can return to Barca someday should be free. We cannot make a purchase transaction that may cost a [indemnité] move for these players“, said Laporta.

“But even if we had the funds, we wouldn’t do it. It would be unreasonable. If they were free players and they were in the market, then they would be of exceptional quality and we would have appreciated them. at Barca. Then it’s up to the coach to decide whether or not they will fit into Barca’s new project. As players, I want them both. “end by Joan Laporta.

Laporta criticized PSG after the Mbappé soap opera

Kylian Mbappe's contract extension


Laporta also spoke about the extension of Mbappé’s contract with PSG, which would have made the 23-year-old player with the highest salary in the world to prevent him from joining Real Madrid. The Spaniard believes the lucrative deal will have a negative impact on playing in Europe, but he has little sympathy for Barca’s longtime rivals in La Liga after they watched as they didn’t get a big signing.

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“It’s damaging the market. Players are caught for money. It’s the effects of a club with the state behind it. It’s against all European Union principles,” he said. Said Laporta. “It’s a reflection on the sustainability of football in Europe. Then there’s the reading that Barça can do”.

“There’s a direct rival who doesn’t come out stronger and we’d rather he didn’t miss us in the competition. But I stay in contemplation on the sustainability of football. Because I don’t think we should. Nor should we care too much about a rival. We need to remember to have a competitive team, and that’s what we’re trying to do.We’ve seen that when we took better care of ourselves than our rivals, everything went well.“, concludes the president of Barça.

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