A poor woman bought an old stroller for her baby and saw an envelope inside

A poor orphan bought her daughter an old second-hand stroller at a flea market and she finally found something here that would change her life.

Kerry Donavan met her husband Tyler at a foster home. They were both orphaned from an early age. They quickly became inseparable. They got married after high school. They lived a true fairy tale.

Five years later, Tyler had a good job at a construction company, he was a supervisor, he had good health insurance and a decent salary. So they decided it was time to start a family.

To Kerry’s delight, she quickly got pregnant. Life smiled on them, until Tyler had an accident at work. He fell from the third floor and seriously injured his back.

Kerry, who quit her job as a secretary in the seventh month of her pregnancy, was at home when she received the phone call that her husband had been seriously injured.

She was rushed to hospital, and her anxiety was so severe that labor began several weeks before the expected date. The saddest moment of his life was also the worst.

A few hours after baby Leila was born, doctors told Kerry that Tyler would never walk again. When Tyler left the hospital six months later, he was in a wheelchair.

Kerry and Tyler were thrilled to find out they were expecting a baby | Source: Unsplash

Tyler received a disability pension as well as indemnities paid by insurance. But this money did not last long, especially with the arrival of the baby. So Kerry decided to go back to work, and Tyler was determined to take care of the baby.

Kerry got a job at a restaurant. His job often required him to be absent at night. During his ministry, he befriended one of his colleagues, Mrs. Higgs. In her sixties, Mrs. Higgs is a smiling and happy woman.

He often joins Kerry’s family for Sunday lunch. One day, Kerry told her she was saving up to buy a stroller for her daughter Leila. To carry out this project, he had to spend a lot of money.

Tyler had a horrible accident at work | Source: Unsplash

But Ms. clarified. Higgs to him that he can get a pushchair at a cheap price if he goes to the flea market. He revealed to her that the son of one of his friends had bought a beautiful stroller with $ 50. Kerry regained hope immediately.

Kindness is sometimes the result of an invisible hand.

The old woman told him that since the strollers had only been used for a year or two, there was no need to buy a new one. In fact, it is easy to get a stroller in good condition without breaking the bench.

The following weekend, the two women went to the flea market. There is a beautiful stroller for sale. Mrs. carefully inspected it. Higgs inside and out, he’s glad it’s in good shape.

Doctors told them Tyler was in a wheelchair for the rest of his life | Source: Pexel

Kerry was happy to make a very good capture. Coming home, he cleaned the stroller. When he took out the chairs to wash, he saw an envelope underneath.

Determined to prepare the stroller, Kerry set aside the envelope. Until three days later he remembered. Kerry was setting her desk when she saw the envelope.

He opened the envelope and saw a piece of paper inside. It says “If you’re reading this, you’re probably a young mother like me, and I’m dead and buried. Hopefully I can make a positive change in your life. Go to house 8 on third avenue and look under the oak . “

Kerry finds a job at a busy restaurant Source: Unsplash

The next day, Kerry drove to the address mentioned in the letter and saw an old abandoned house. In the garden stood an old oak tree, under which there was a white stone.

Is there any treasure buried there? Kerry was a little embarrassed to believe it, but she was excited as a child on Christmas morning. The next day he returned with a shovel and began digging under the oak tree.

He dug this garden for a few days, but he saw nothing. Kerry was ready to give up when he saw a note in his locker, “You’re not supposed to dig. What you’re looking for is in plain sight under the oak tree.”

Kerry jumped. The mysterious note has the same handwriting as the letter found on the pram. At the end of his shift, he looked again at the rock under the oak tree.

Kerry befriends an old waitress | Source: Pexel

Looking closely, he saw it was concrete, not stone. Kerry took his shovel and struck the “rock”. It exploded without breaking, so Kerry got more blows.

Eventually, the “stone” broke. It contains a small metal safe with a key in the lock. Inside, Kerry was glad to see a few wads of money and some valuable jewelry.

On top of the wealth there is another card “Dear, life has brought me love and wealth, but what I want most is a child. My wife and I have been trying to have a child over many years, and finally God gave us a beautiful daughter.Unfortunately, she did not live with us long.Our very beautiful daughter died young and my husband did not survive her loss. I wish he was your age and I wish he was like you. Be happy dear. “

Inside the stroller is an old envelope | Source: Pexel

Kerry hurries home to Tyler with suspicion building in her mind. Only one person can be their benefactor! Who else had access to the stroller and his locker?

But when he arrived at work, eager to see his friend and express his gratitude, he discovered that Ms Higgs had disappeared. According to the restaurant manager, Ms. suddenly left. Higgs and told him he was moving to a farm in Montana.

She left a forwarding address, and Kerry saw that the handwriting was the same as her benefactor’s handwriting! Kerry is now sure that Mrs. Higgs the note on the stroller and he is saddened by the loss of his friend.

Kerry and Tyler sat down together and thought of a plan. With the money and jewelry, they bought a cute little house with an extra bedroom and a special car that Tyler could drive, then they went to Montana.

Inside the concrete is a box with rolls of cash | Source: Pexel

Mrs. was stunned. Higgs when he saw them come, but he smiled when Kerry hugged him. “It was you. It was you all along! Please, I don’t want to lose you, my dear Mrs. Higgs,” Kerry exclaimed while hugging her friend.

Kerry and Tyler invited Mrs. Higgs to return to town and settle with them. “I love you, Mrs. Higgs, and once you left I realized how much. Come back to us.”

Kerry added, “I know I can’t replace your son, but Tyler and I need a mother, and Leila needs a grandmother. We hope you take on this role …”

Ms. agreed. Higgs with tears in his eyes. For the first time in many years, life promised to be an adventure, and he ended up sharing the happiness he had helped create.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Kindness is sometimes the work of a hidden hand. Mrs. wants to help. Higgs is Kerry, so he dreams of a scavenger hunt so he can hide his identity.
  • Being a family is about love, not biology. Kerry, Tyler, Leila and Mrs. Higgs has become a true family bound together by bonds of love and kindness.

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