The pandemic is causing the recruitment of developers to explode!

What tech skills are recruiters looking for?

“In 2022, the three skills the most sought after by recruiters are: the Web developmentthe DevOps and theAI (Artificial Intelligence) / Machine Learning. These three skills meet the need for maintenance, security and automation of services brought to the Cloud. This move has accelerated the pandemic and Cloud strategies are now at the heart of companies ’concerns. They keep business activities away without compromising speed or operational efficiency through DevOps practices.

The need for web development matches the need to build more responsive and high quality websites. AI/Machine Learning skills reflect the needs of organizations such as banks or large corporations that use AI capabilities to optimize their business processes and deliver a personalized customer experience. In the coming years, companies will increasingly need experts to develop and maintain robust cloud applications. »

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Has the crisis changed the situation in terms of obtaining Tech profiles? Is it harder to recruit developers?

“The health crisis and the shift of business activities to the Cloud, powered by teleworking and the dematerialization of business methods, have made exploding demand for Tech profiles. In a crowded and increasingly competitive market, companies must innovate and be reactive to attract and recruit the Tech profiles they need.

“Finding qualified developers” remains the number one concern for 47% of respondents in our major annual Tech recruitment survey*, conducted in partnership with CoderPad. For 2022, 53% of the recruiters we surveyed will have a larger budget for recruit developers.

There has also been a significant increase in mass recruitment: 35% of recruiters surveyed plan to hire more than 50 developers by 2022 and 15% aim to recruit more than 200.

How to recruit the right candidates in this context? What methods do recruiters prefer?

“In a market where developers have power, recruiters did The candidate is experiencing a top priority in 2022. Candidate experience is defined as a candidate’s perspective on a company’s recruitment process, from their initial engagement to their final recruitment. Recruiters must select the right formats at various stages to ensure the trust and adhesion of the candidates.

Distant recruitment has lasted since the pandemic, changing skills. Thus, regarding the different types of interviews, the majority of developers surveyed (54%) did not want to be recruited through face-to-face “whiteboard” interviews, which were considered to provoke anxiety. and unfair. For candidates and recruiters, online practice tests and distant technical interviews based on resolving code issues are the best way to ensure a developer’s skill level.

These methods are considered by 42% of recruiters to be more fair and more objective than a simple interview, an interview based on theoretical questions or those unrelated to daily professional life. They also make it possible to combat recruitment biases and prejudices based on personal considerations. 66% of recruiters consider cognitive biases to be a major issue in tech recruiting. By highlighting skill -based recruitmentrecruiters are open to diversity without a priori and expand their talent pool (a priority for 35% of them). »

What about the CV and cover letter? What should candidates bet to be recruited in 2022?

“In 2022, recruiters really want to turn around more inclusive recruitment skills to fill their key positions. And, more than half (57%) of recruiters surveyed say they are ready drop resume in their recruitment.

On the other hand, the percentage of recruiters hiring developers without academic qualifications has almost doubled, from 23% in 2021 to 39% in 2022. This is an important development that responds to changes in the structure of training paths. in ‘computing/ digital, because 24% of developers asked in the survey had not learned to code in an engineering school or university and 32% say they are self -taught.

At the same time, the pandemic has prompted many people to reorient themselves and train in programming professions. To be recruited, candidates, whether or not they have a diploma in higher education or recognized practice, should focus on updating their skills and keeping up to date with business needs. In 2022, the programming languages ​​that recruiters will be most looking for are Javascript, Java, Python and Typescript, and on the framework side, React, Node.js, .NETCore and Angular 2+. »

*Survey on 14,000 developers and recruiters from October to December 2021

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