The main amphetamine production network was dismantled by SPVM | “It’s not heard in Quebec”

(Montreal) Wednesday, 3 am Montreal is still asleep, shrouded in darkness. But in the building where the Organized Crime Division of the SPVM is located, investigators are awake and alert. Their eyes were glued to the many screens, tables and charts lined up on the wall and office. Today is the culmination of nine months of investigation: the dismantling of a major amphetamine production and distribution network.

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Mayssa Ferah |

Mayssa Ferah |
The Press

This search, which began at dawn, resulted in 26 searches in Montreal, Laval, Montérégie and the Laurentians. “This is our breaking Bad du Québec, ”describes Francis Renaud, commander of the SPVM’s Organized Crime Division.

Production equipment is transported in cubic trucks, millions of tablets distributed en masse to young partygoers, chemical products stored in warehouses that blend into Montreal’s North Shore view. We interact with a major network

More than 6.5 million tablets with an estimated value of 32.5 million have been seized so far.

“It’s not heard in Quebec,” Commander Renaud said.

In a mini-warehouse that didn’t look much, we found 500 kilos of methamphetamine powder on Wednesday.

The police were not lacking in work this shining morning: they were holding empty barrels stained with powder, collecting dozens of punches with different patterns: shells, hearts.

Below the chamber, a large mixer, used to mix chemicals.

The network had the particularity of moving its encapsulation and production laboratories. Everything is packed on site.

They have sold an estimated one million amphetamine tablets per week since September. That gives us an idea of ​​the scope of seizure today.

Commander Francis Renaud

The selling price of the tablets in the market is $ 5 per unit.

Arresting some big players

Individual targets during the operation were linked to criminal bikers in Montreal.

Very early Wednesday, many police arrested within the network.

Around 7 a.m., patrol cars and unmarked vehicles gathered in front of a suspect’s home located on Montreal’s South Shore. Agents lined up in front of the attractive semi-detached on the edge of a field.

The half-asleep girl in pajamas came out of the house, along with two SPVM investigators. Unsurprisingly the child watched several police vehicles as they drove away from the scene.

His father exploded outside, accompanied by officers. The man – a big player in the organization – was shirtless and handcuffed. They put a blanket over his shoulders, before letting him rush to the patrol car.

A dismantled narcotics production network






An hour later, another “topic of interest” will go to one of the search points in Chambly. A good sign, according to police on the spot: no suspect suspects, “he will do his business”. The alleged drug trafficker – close to the thoughtful head of the organization – was intercepted in his vehicle and then handcuffed.

While searching the family residences of several suspects, police found pistols readily available.

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In total, 280 personnel took part in the deployment.

Get the strongest

“We have completely taken the rug out from under this organization”, sums up Francis Renaud.

Photo Philippe Boivin, THE PRESS

Commander Francis Renaud

The leader of the network, the “operating machine” and the main distributor were arrested.

Wednesday’s operation shook the criminal underworld. But the police force is not fooled: other groups will want to take over the collapsed network. “This is a market of opportunity. It will push the gates to seize this market,” the commander admitted.

“We want to attack the strongest. But the message we want to send is that no matter how big the organization is, we will attack the world of criminals, ”the commander said.

The investigation allowed SPVM to find out about the clients of this organization, many of whom are resellers. “We have many teams in the field that are mandated to deal with drugs on the street and this investigation is a source of information for them.»

“Today, we see a historic revenue -cutting finding that supports the purchase of guns,” Montreal mayoress Valérie Plante said at a press conference Wednesday afternoon. He was pleased with the long -term work of the SPVM groups, saying he wanted to continue to fight the rise in armed crimes.


“Today, we see a historic search […] which comes to cut income which supports the purchase of firearms ”, declared the mayoress of Montreal, Valérie Plante.

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  • Dangerous drug
    Amphetamine, a central nervous system stimulant, is a designer drug. “It takes manipulation to make this drug and in this case it was certainly not made by an experienced chemist”, Francis Renaud maintains. You don’t know what’s in those pills, he continues. Even with both dealer taking their supplies from the same supplier, their consumption remains dangerous for the target client, especially teenagers and young adults.

    Seizures in figures
    6.5 million amphetamine tablets; 21 barrels; 500 kg of methamphetamine powder; 6 presses for making tablets; over $ 300,000 cash.

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