SODA Foundation Prioritizes Container Backup And Recovery, Introduces Object Data Management to Cloud Providers

SoftBank Group is welcomed among its members

TOKYO, May 25, 2022-The SODA Foundation, which hosts SODA Open Data Framework (ODF) for data mobility from the edge to the core of the cloud, today announced two new open source projects: Kahu and Como. Kahu streamlines data protection for Kubernetes and its application data, and Como is a virtual data lake project to enable seamless access to data stored in different clouds. The SODA Foundation also welcomes the SoftBank Group as an end user supporter and key partnership partner in the Como project.

According to SODA Data and Storage Trends Report 2021, two of the leading challenges in data management in container and cloud-native environments are availability (46%) and management tools (38%). In direct response to the report’s findings, the SODA Foundation community collaborated to introduce new tooling options through the Kahu project to improve the backup and restoration of critical data acquisition skills. Additionally, as businesses become more data -based and data growth for some businesses may exceed 10PB per year, the object data management offered by the Como project will play an important role. performance and scalability requirements for cloud-native environments.

“Data collection, management and consumption is becoming the new competitive field of computing,” said Steven Tan, president of the SODA Foundation. “We are excited to announce that Kahu and Como are the latest advances in open source data management and storage. Our 28 members is also pleased to welcome the engineers and the open source community within the SoftBank Group to the Foundation.

“Data is the fuel of our global digital economy and harnessing its power requires large -scale collaboration,” said Kuniyoshi Suzuki, senior director, Cloud Engineering, SoftBank Group. “Softbank is excited to join a community of open source software developers dedicated to improving data storage, retrieval and retention in the cloud environment. We look forward to working with the SODA Foundation and its members, while contributing to the future of this important community.

New open-source releases

In addition to the announcement of the Kahu and Como projects, the SODA Foundation also announced:

Publication of the SODA framework Madagascar v1.7.0: Formerly the Open Data Framework (ODF), the SODA Framework includes independent community -initiated projects to solve common data and storage problems experienced by end users. He understands:

Terra: a universal SDS controller to connect storage to Toilets, OpenStack and VMware environments.
Delfin: A performance monitor for diverse storage infrastructure on a single screen.
Strato: A multi-cloud data controller that uses a standard S3 compatible interface to connect to cloud storage.
Kahu: New project to streamline data protection for Kubernetes and application data.

Expanding its Eco Project initiative with the introduction of more open source projects:

DAOS: a software-defined object store designed from the ground up for widely distributed non-volatile memory (NVM), offering features such as unobstructed transactional I/O, advanced data protection with self -healing in addition to hardware baseline, end data integrity, granular data control, and resilient storage.

YIG: Minio expands backend storage by combining multiple Ceph clusters to form a massive storage resource pool that can be easily scaled to exabyte (EB) levels with minimal performance disruption.

CubeFS: a cloud-native storage platform used as the underlying storage infrastructure for online applications, databases or data processing services, and machine learning tasks organized by Kubernetes.

karmada: a Kubernetes management system that allows organizations to run cloud-native applications across multiple Kubernetes clusters and clouds, without modifying your applications.

SBK: an open source software framework for benchmarking the performance of any storage system.

Conferences and Surveys

SODACODE: this week, developers from around the world will participate SODACODE 2022 – the Data & Storage Hackathon on May 25 and 26. The first coding event organized by the SODA Foundation is open to developers at all levels, from beginners to advanced. The hackathon will culminate in project demos, pitch sessions, panel discussion and an awards ceremony for the hackathon winners.
Trend Survey: The SODA Foundation will release its second annual survey of data and storage trends on June 30, 2022.
SODACON: a technical conference organized by the SODA Foundation, will be held this year in Yokohama, Japan, on December 7, 2022. The conference will bring together industry leaders, developers and end users to showcase and discuss innovations , trends and latest concerns. as well as challenges and practical solutions in the field of data management and storage in the era of cloud native, IoT, big data, machine learning, and more.

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About the SODA Foundation

Formerly OpenSDS, the SODA Foundation is part of the Linux Foundation and includes both open source software and standards to meet the growing need for data autonomy. Members of the SODA Foundation premiere include China Unicom, Fujitsu, Huawei, NTT Communications and Toyota Motor Corporation. Other members include China Construction Bank Fintech, Click2Cloud, GMO Pepabo, IIJ, MayaData, LinBit, Scality, Sony, Wipro, and Yahoo Japan.

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