Decarbonization manager, ESG Data analyst … The 5 “sustainable development” professions recruiting in 2022

Sustainable professions are on the rise: companies need them to meet their goals in terms of social and environmental responsibility. Birdeo, a pioneer recruitment firm in the sector, identified five of these professions that recruit, and where talent is lacking.

“Raison d’être”, “company with mission”, “B Corp”, “impact” … Labels and laws are evolving to outline and validate the commitment of companies in terms of social and environmental responsibility. Under double the pressure of the law and increasingly demanding consumers, the world economy is stepping up its efforts – or signs – to show its promise. In hindsight, France’s ambition is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

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Natural consequences: companies need new recruits, skilled and able to support them in their ecological transition. From finance to food, transportation and digital, all sectors are looking for these green and orderly heads. “The responsible job market promises to be doubly affected by today’s rampant skills shortage and an immediate need for radical transformation of our organizations, at the technical and managerial levels”, assured Caroline Renoux, founder of recruitment and headhunting firm Birdeo., a pioneer in the sector.For the 4th consecutive year, Birdeo has identified, based on one hundred of its client companies, the five sustainable professions that will recruit the most in 2022.

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Decarbonization manager

Transversal and pertinent to all, the primary mission of this position is to “rethink a company’s offer of services or products to reduce the carbon footprint of its activity as much as possible”, explains Caroline Renoux. This implies the ability to work with several departments of the same company and federate teams from diverse backgrounds. It is also important to master the tools for measuring impact, carbon footprint and developing a strategy to recover greenhouse gas emissions – therefore be comfortable with the data. The skills are “particularly in demand in the transportation, construction and infrastructure sectors”, emphasizes the Birdeo founder. These profiles, recruited into Bac+5 with specialization in the environment or in social and environmental responsibility (CSR), can expect a salary of 45,000 to 55,000 euros total annually.

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Extra-financial performance reporting officer

Impact measurement is one of the roots of the war in terms of ecological migration. In 2021, the European Union initiated a legislative reform and opened the site of a new directive called Corporate sustainability reporting (CSRD), which aims to improve the assessment of companies according to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards. . The stakes are high: it’s a question of establishing models as accurate as those used for financial information, of aggregating information, to make it readable and accessible …

“With this CSRD directive, the post of non-financial performance reporting officer is increasingly becoming strategic within organizations, Caroline Renoux emphasizes. Decision-making support for all of the company’s businesses.” All this in a context marked by rapidly changing regulations.

For these positions, recruiters are looking for engineers or business school graduates with a Bac+5, CSR or market finance specialists. They expect that they will be comfortable with regulatory monitoring, financial data, project management, but also very efficient and able to popularize complex information. All this, again, for an average salary of 45,000 to 55,000 euros per year.

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Responsible digital manager

From the manufacture of devices, full of rare metals, to messaging and streaming systems, technology is polluting. In France, in 2019, the digital ecosystem was responsible for emissions of 15 tonnes equivalent of CO2, according to the Senate report, or 2% of all French emissions. Worldwide, various studies have linked digital technology to between 2 and 4% of total emissions – compared to 2.5% for air transport, according to a report by the federation of associations Réseau Action Climat which was also published in 2019. In France, several laws were enacted on January 1, 2022 to combat digital pollution, particularly by imposing more transparency on companies in the sector, including Gafam.

In other words, the pressure rises. “This is the big challenge for the coming months”, insists the founder of Birdeo, and not just for specialized companies. Everyone is increasingly concerned about the impact of computers, mobile phones, email or Cloud servers that their employees use every day. “The goal of the responsible digital manager is to measure this impact to determine a more carbon-neutral and virtuous digital approach, from the selection of IT equipment to all the technological management thought around: video, cloud, email … “, listed by Caroline Renoux. Preferred profile? An engineer, Bac+5, specializes in calculating environmental impacts, has good knowledge of internal company tools and is able to collaborate with foreign colleagues or partners. Candidates can expect to earn between 50,000 and 60,000 euros per year on average.

Biodiversity project manager

The protection and restoration of biodiversity is one of the foundations of the climate crisis … and the responsibility of companies, whose activities are often harmful to natural ecosystems. Here, too, a sustainable transition involves a chain from one end to the other. Hence the position of cross-functional project manager, with the ability to examine all aspects of a company to assess their impact and open up greener paths. Future recruits, once again, will be skilled engineers, at the master level, capable of managing complex projects, of popularizing scientific information and of convincing the greatest number of people. It will earn a salary of 45,000 to 55,000 euros annually.

ESG Data Analyst

As much as they are interested in data related to consumer behavior, companies recruit analysts who are responsible for collecting, processing and translating data related to impact and retention. “The ESG data analyst participates in the development of new tools and models, in close collaboration with different teams”, explains Caroline Renoux. Like his colleague who manages reporting, the analyst should be comfortable with ESG regulations, financial modeling and data management. Employers are therefore interested in engineers, but also in business school graduates who specialize in finance, or candidates with a master’s degree in Statistics and Data Science. Here, too, the average salary varies from 45,000 to 55,000 euros annually. And, at the crossroads between Tech and sustainable development, we can no doubt bet on great long-term prospects.

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