6 good reasons to use an application to manage everything

An HR productivity tool, the HelloWork recruiter app allows you to multicast your job offers, center all your applications and respond quickly to all applicants. 600,000 applications are processed each month through the app, which is the only ATS to offer an integrated CV library. Here are six great reasons to use this tool for your recruitments.

Save time at each stage of recruitment

And it starts with the ability to multicast your jobs in one click:

  • You load your text into the tool
  • You choose your distribution channels
  • You validate!

The HelloWork recruiter app also allows you to immediately contact candidates you are interested in, by sending them an SMS to offer them an interview. Then plan the appointment with ease, always from your app.

Easy resource thanks to direct access to the CV library

“The HelloWork Recruiter app is the only ATS on the market that includes candidatesexplained Laurent de Bussac, technical and product director of the HelloWork recruiter app. The recruiter can, directly in the app, access 2 million CV library profiles and start sourcing before his or her job offer is even published! »

Direct access to the CV database allows you to source multiple candidates.
Direct access to the CV database allows you to source multiple candidates. © Hello Work

Better organize your work

Another advantage of the app: it centers all applications in the same place. No need to log on to different platforms to collect all CVs. Its dashboard lets you easily sort applications and not miss any interesting profiles.

Through this channel, you can also work more effectively with your team and with all employees involved in recruitment, simply by forwarding CVs to them. The tool allows you to talk to stakeholders and exchange your views, according to various interviews.

Make sure you comply with the GDPR

Without tools, it is difficult to properly manage candidates ’personal data and ensure they can assert their rights.

“When they apply, candidates provide the recruiter with personal information. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) gives candidates the rights (access, deletion, modification of personal data in particular) to recruiters should respect as responsible for processing this data.The HelloWork Recruiter app, by centering on all candidate data, allows the recruiter to respond to candidates ’rights»explained Laurent de Bussac.

The tool also makes it possible to respect the data retention period: “They can only be kept for a reasonable period of time considering the purpose of the data processing. The HelloWork Recruiter app automates the process of anonymizing and deleting personal data for the recruiter. If the recruiter still wants to. to keep this information, the app offers a mechanism to obtain the candidate’s consent. »

Offer the best experience to the candidate

The time saved on the recruiter’s side also results in a shorter response time for the candidate. A responsiveness that can give you points, because, according to our latest HelloWork survey “Recruitment in 2022”, one in three applicants believes that the acceptable time to receive a response to an application is one week.

Thanks to the app, you can also give accurate answers to all candidates. 40 email templates, written by UX Writers, are available on the platform.

Integrate communication around your employer’s brand

“The recruiter tends to personalize his email templates to set the tone of his company. A start-up will not respond to candidates in the same way as an industrial group. Prefers some companies to be formal, others to be familiar “developed by Laurent de Bussac.

Finally, the app makes it possible to define a common communication strategy and compatible strategy formulas between different recruitment managers.

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