what will be the main trend from 2022 to 2025?

Designing a digital marketing or e-commerce strategy involves keeping an eye on the latest digital innovations, new technological solutions and changing consumer habits.

This step provides valuable information to build your future action plan and effective advertising experiences that will help your business grow.

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Channable, a feed management and SEA automation solution, interviewed fourteen digital marketers and e-commerce specialists to gain their insights on these topics. One goal: to identify the key dynamics that will come in these sectors to generate effective advertising campaigns.


SEA will undergo major changes

For the experts interviewed, there is no doubt: in the coming years, Search Engine Advertising (SEA) will remain an integral part of a marketing strategy. In fact, the ebook shows that Internet advertising spending will continue to grow. Those for search, which consist of displaying paid ads on Google search pages, should be close to $ 200 million. Display-related, which allows ads to be broadcast through all Google display network partners (applications, websites, videos, etc.) will exceed $ 300 million.

Worldwide internet advertising spending from 2007 to 2024 (in millions of dollars): increased

Consumers almost naturally turn to the web to make their purchases. Chart: Channable.

SEA continues to be there thanks to voice searches, regardless of the devices we interact with (smart TVs, smartphones, cars or even home security, among others) “, Explains Elena Ferreras, Paid Manager at Wink, a digital agency. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data from search, display and video ads will also be necessary elements to anticipate consumer needs and offer them personalized and more relevant ads.

For Andrew Lolk, Founder of marketing agency SavvyRevenue, there’s no doubt: auctions should also be smarter systems. “ 80% of SEA managers have trouble managing auctions. Therefore, it is clear that Google can achieve better results at this level, while increasing competition, especially CPC and revenue from major auctions. “, he explains. By taking this white paper, you will also discover the perspective of Dirk Melief, Digital & Data Marketing Director of digital agency Artefact. It details the benefits of smart auction systems.

The role of keywords, which are an integral part of SEA, needs to be redrawn. For Valentin Quelard Chief Operating Officer at Qwamplify, an agency that specializes in digital acquisition strategy, they are no longer a defining element of Google Ads campaigns. For advertisers, the goal is to rethink their customer strategy by going beyond the keyword.

This ebook will also let you learn more about the advantages of a flow management solution. It allows you to automate some daunting tasks, but is necessary to create an effective SEA strategy. Scott Beveridge, Founder of digital marketing agency ClickBoost, explains how these types of tools allow you to use your time wisely and benefit from better results to optimize return on investment ( ROI) of your advertising costs.


Markets will gain popularity

In recent years, marketplaces have made a place for themselves in the digital buying journey of consumers, but also professionals. This momentum is expected to continue over the next few years: as the white paper revealed, online sales in marketplaces could reach $ 8.8 trillion by 2025.

B2C and B2B online sales through marketplaces from 2019 to 2025: increase

The markets will grow even more in the next few years. Chart: Channable.

For the specialists interviewed, the popularity of marketplaces is specifically explained by the visibility they offer. ” They can play an important role both in terms of popularity (by making it possible to reach new markets) and in terms of service (by increasing brand loyalty by focusing on service levels. which is difficult to reproduce in an e-direct trade) », Explains Alvise Corba, Senior Advertising Manager at Filoblu, an international on and offline strategy consulting firm.

For these reasons, marketplaces are highly recognized by brands wishing to explore new options to promote their products. They are also being used as advertising platforms because of the personalization possibilities they are starting to introduce. ” In order to expand the product offer and make it more efficient (in terms of content), it will be important to allow brands to fully express themselves says Johann Lucas, Business Developer at Feed Manager, a solution that helps e-merchants control their costs. To learn more about the ongoing changes in marketplaces, be sure to download this whitepaper.

Henry Mäkelä, Co-Founder of Bluebird, the agency that specializes in data-driven marketing, also demonstrates the important role of dynamic pricing for merchants and the marketplace.

This ebook also allows you to learn more about the current state of e-commerce, as well as the rise of social commerce in the coming years. For expert insights into all the big trends and their secrets to building an influential advertising campaign, download Channable’s white paper.


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