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This Tuesday, on the seventh day of the trial for the fire on rue Fondary, in which a man died while trying to erase traces of his crime, the only defendant dismissed for complicity in intentional homicide served the bar without published version of his story.

For a long time, Leniska took refuge behind empty words that didn’t say much. Vague answers which can only be lost. A speech “smooth”, even mentioned a psychologist during the investigation, in which investigators had been skating for six years. What role did he play in the murder of Alixon Ortega? Was she there when her boss, pimp Maria Paz, struck her in early August 2016, with approximately thirty stab wounds in the flesh of the 26-year-old Colombian prostitute? To this question, asked this Tuesday by the president of the Paris Assize Court, he answered without hesitation: “No. And if I had foresee that, I wouldn’t have allowed it. Never.” At the helm, the maiden with the plump cheeks of a teenager delivered an unpublished version of her journey in which the heavy ruins of 42, rue de Fondary still lie.

Since May 17, the “cleansing” trial of the murder of Alixon Ortega has been held, a case that is tragic and unbelievable, announced by the explosion of this building in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, on August 3, 2016. Pas de Maria Paz at the port: the alleged perpetrator of this homicide died in a fire that he would have ordered himself to hide it. On the other hand, seven hoodlums from the same district of the capital were present, petty criminals with nickel-plated feet, who were attracted to this story by the promise of an easy ticket. They are judged specifically for “not condemning crime” at “hiding corpses”.

From Venezuela to France

And then Leniska, fired because “inclusion in intentional homicide”. The 25-year-old girl did not know the other defendants. He grew up thousands of miles from their stronghold in Venezuela in a family he describes on the stand as dysfunctional and violent. Through the voice of his translator, he recounted, in Spanish, the separation of his parents, the touching of an uncle, the influence of his father, who asked him to watch over his mother. “I’m a child who talks a lot”, he says. He opens his memories at once, beginning his sentences on a few high notes, before speaking in a more calm voice, which sometimes becomes intricate. “Sometimes my mom was chatting with boys who were just her friends but I had to report it to my stepdad. Coincidentally he punished me severely. He took me to the back of the house, and burned my lips with wax. of the candle.I understand that I should no longer speak.. At the bar, he sobbed, rubbing his almond -shaped eyes with the sleeve of his black jumper.

He was about 12 years old when he left school, 17 when he convinced his aunt, who lives in France, to pick him up. Since then, she has lived, without papers, between France and Spain, where her older sister had just given birth whom she cared for. This is just his activity. In 2014, he met Maria Paz at a gym in France. Associated with their native language, they are sympathetic and come out together. Her new friend tells her she’s a “massage” and pays for all their outings at night without complaining. So the day Leniska found out she was pregnant after a romance with no future, it was to Maria Paz that she turned to pick up the money needed to pay for her abortion in Spain, where she would return.

“He said everything was fine”

From then on, Mary’s generous friend became Mary, the hurried creditor. And he was told that he was not a masseuse, but a pimp. “Prostitution is the fastest way to find the money to give him back the 500 euros he gave me.” Leniska makes her first passes to Barcelona, ​​over the weekend, in apartments where “how many women work”. There, he met Alixon Ortega. The flow is good, but in front of the jurors, he struggles to qualify for the distance as a single “companion”. The Colombian wants to leave Spain. Leniska gave him the coordinates of Maria Paz, “an acquaintance who works in France and pays very well”.

From a fallback, prostitution has become a regular livelihood. Leniska didn’t stop and she even decided to leave to work with Maria on her turn, at the end of July 2016. She had been in Paris for almost a few days when she witnessed, in the apartment on rue Fondary, a first argument between her “boss “and Alixon, Aug. 2. The Colombian, who has been there a few months, wants to leave, and is doing pimp accounts. Tone up. “I gave you money!”Mary repeated. “No, you didn’t give it to me! And I’ll go to the police if you don’t!”. The pimp invited Leniska to take a walk. “But I’m sending a message telling him to release Alixon”, he insisted at the bar, citing an SMS released by his lawyers during the hearing. A few hours later, he received a message. Mary tells him that Alixon is gone. “He said everything was fine”.

“My heart has shrunk”

Return to Fondary Street. Maria Paz “It’s all wet, he’s just taking a bath”. Leniska meditates deeply on this very important night, describing it almost minute by minute. Maria came out with a backpack and garbage bag, she said she had to go to the laundromat. “It does not surprise me more than that, there is no machine in the apartment. And then I saw blood on the sheets. He told me he cut himself “. The Venezuelan understands what happened after a recent visit to the apartment to pick up his belongings and return to Spain.

Mary is in the kitchen, cleaning the refrigerator. To the left, in a corner, he saw a body, covered with a lining. “My heart became smaller, my head turned white. I was surprised. I go to the bedroom, I see blood everywhere, everywhere “. Mary ordered him to leave, to say that he had seen nothing, he had heard nothing. This is the first time he has given this version of the facts. During the investigation, Leniska confirmed that she had not seen Alixon Ortega’s body. The president did not hide his confusion. Why didn’t you talk to the investigators? How to be sure of its sincerity? “I don’t know what to do. I said to myself: if I speak, people will think I am an accomplice. I was in absolute fear. So I said nothing “.

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