Selligent Marketing Cloud Strengthens Customer Interaction with New Artificial Intelligence Features

BRUSSELS, May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Smart Marketing Cloud (Selligent), CM Group’s omnichannel and brand marketing platform, today announced the launch of Smart Subject, an AI-enabled email subject optimization feature that improves campaigns performance and reduces manual creative work of marketers. Smart Subject, along with many other new AI features, is designed to help brands stand out from often-crowded inboxes by improving one-on-one marketing across all languages.

With Smart Subject, marketers can use the optimal subject line for each contact in their segment by using:

  • Automatic subject line matching: lThe Selligent machine determines, based on natural language processing, the optimal subject line for each contact.
  • Instant feedback: Smart Subject can determine the percentage of a segment that will respond positively, allowing marketers to make adjustments and make variations before scheduling a campaign.
  • Virtual profiles: Artificial intelligence creates a virtual profile of words and phrases that previously resulted in interaction for each contact, for future optimization.
  • Multilingual management: Smart Subject supports all EU languages ​​within one interface, providing feedback on what best responds to each language.

Smart Subject makes it possible to identify and optimize customer interaction. Designed to help marketers save significant time and utilize new features made possible only by natural AI-powered processing, Smart Subject helps improve workflow efficiency while improving performance. Through this individual optimization, marketers use phrases and words that drive open rates for their target segments. With instant feedback before an email is even sent, Smart Subject allows marketers to scale the speed of their customers.

“Email is an important element in the relationship with its customers and prospects, but making improvements to campaigns can be daunting without the right tools. Our new AI -enabled feature simplifies decision -making and helps marketers reach each customer with a more effective message while reducing manual labor“said Ben Burns, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Selligent Marketing Cloud.”Smart Subject automatically improves the relevance of campaigns in all languages, on an individual level, so that each recipient receives the best possible message and marketers get the best possible results. “

About Selligent Marketing Cloud
Selligent Marketing Cloud, a brand of CM Group, is an advanced cloud platform that specializes in omnichannel marketing and customer experience. Its innovative technology, which incorporates native AI capabilities, gives brands real-time data to deliver personalized content and drive consumer engagement across all channels. Relying on its multiple locations in Europe and the United States as well as a global network of partners, the goal of the Selligent Marketing Cloud has always been to promote personalized marketing. More than 700 global brands in retail, travel and hospitality, media, entertainment and publishing, and financial services trust Selligent to help them execute their strategies.

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