Blandine Delaporte, SentinelOne: Our Singularity XDR platform will help you improve your security posture

Blandine Delaporte, SentinelOne: Our Singularity XDR platform will help you improve your security posture

On the occasion of its recent participation in FIC, SentinelOne will showcase its autonomous platform Singularity XDR, which unifies the detection, prevention, and remediation of the most sophisticated threats. This solution is based on AI and ML, thus, making it possible to center an autonomous, effective and real-time response regardless of the attack. According to Blandine Delaporte, Sales Engineer Director-South EMEA of SentinelOne, the easy to deploy and exploitative SentinelOne Singularity XDR platform will help companies greatly improve their security posture.

Global Security Mag: What will be your news at the International Cybersecurity Forum 2022?

Blandine Delaporte: During the FIC, our technical and commercial teams will provide a live technical demonstration (incident vision vs. alert view) of our autonomous Singularity XDR platform, unifying the discovery , prevention, and remediation of the most sophisticated threats.

SentinelOne will also make 3 presentations as part of the FIC Talks on the following topics:

- XDR: From marketing discourse to reality: By using AI and ML, it is now possible to centralize an autonomous, effective and real-time response regardless of attacks. What should be the basis of this XDR platform? How can this be integrated into a diverse technical environment?

- Rely on an EDR solution in the emergency of an incident response Main stages of response: Detection, evaluation, Isolation, remediation and return to the nominal state. Feedback from French customers.

- Secure your Workloads in the cloud and other containers in an automated way using EDR technologies: Utilizing Cloud Computing is at the heart of business agility. Change is the key and businesses will not tolerate any slowdown. Protecting these hybrid workloads is the last line of defense, an important way to secure the operational resilience of your digital business.

Global Security Mag: What are the strong points of the solutions you will present on this occasion?

Blandine Delaporte: SentinelOne’s unique approach is based on an in -depth inspection of all information system processes combined with innovative machine learning capabilities. They enable rapid isolation of malicious practices, protecting all enterprise assets in real time and at machine speed-from workstations and IoT devices to containers and workloads in the cloud. – Against advanced and targeted threats.

Singularity XDR provides visibility and protection for all types of physical or virtual equipment, servers, workstations, mobile or storage, on-premise or cloud. Developed and deployed from the cloud and powered by patented AI, the platform is specifically designed to prevent open threats and helps companies implement innovative cybersecurity programs. Of the 30 vendors reviewed by MITER Engenuity ATT & CK in 2022, only SentinelOne, for the third consecutive year, was awarded the highest score in analytical detections. SentinelOne achieves 100% prevention, 100% detection, the best analytical coverage (108/109) and no detection delay, demonstrating our platform’s ability to spontaneously combat the most sophisticated threats. In addition, all tests performed over 2 days resulted in only 9 alerts on the console, demonstrating the solution’s contextualization capacity, and which greatly reduces the time security administrators spend to manage alerts. It is also important to know that these tests were performed using a simple configuration: the management console, an agent for Windows and an agent for Linux (which is not the case for most other vendors that have been tested. deploy more complex configurations).

Global Security Mag: Since the beginning of the year, have you noticed the rise of new cyber threats?

Blandine Delaporte: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has resulted in numerous cyberattacks. Since the beginning of 2022, six different strains of wiper malware targeting Ukraine have been identified: WhisperKill, WhisperGate, HermeticWiper, IsaacWiper, CaddyWiper and DoubleZero.

Phishing, cloud security management, DDoS attacks, ransomware, spyware … in 2022, cybersecurity professionals will also be faced with more and more diverse threats and types of attacks.

SentinelLabs, SentinelOne’s research division, is highly focused on researching new cybersecurity threats, and in this context, teams are very actively involved – including advanced threat modeling and vulnerability testing of security platforms. . cloud computing and related technologies – and share their extensive findings in the interest of protecting all users.

Global Security Mag: How should technologies evolve to combat these threats?

Blandine Delaporte: With the development of IoT and digital innovation, companies are more vulnerable to cyberattacks and traditional antivirus software is no longer sufficient. Remote work and heavy reliance on the cloud increases the surface of the attack and puts additional pressure on them. The use of automation seems more than necessary to secure infrastructures.

In this context, only the integrated platform can provide the visibility and automated defenses required for all assets. By combining endpoint, network, and application protection, the XDR approach can help win this race through enhanced, automated detection, testing, and response. To prepare for this, security software vendors must expand and integrate their technology while setting up an architecture that will allow them to combine data from different sources, link it and take action. .

Global Security Mag: In your opinion, what area can people have to strengthen the defense strategy to be deployed?

Blandine Delaporte: If teleworking multiplies gateways to company networks, security improvement no longer involves the implementation of advanced technical solutions but requires the establishment of strict rules that encourage users to adopt of more responsible behavior. It is very important that they understand that simple negligence can affect the security of an entire information system. Companies should train, raise awareness and further involve their employees on security issues specifically in telework.

Moreover, if the person needs technology to intervene on a large scale, optimize his productivity, eliminate time-consuming tasks and focus on the most critical aspects, it is always necessary to rely on experts who have ability to manage, communicate and organize everything. the malicious attacks that hackers continue to implement (with their own automation tools) on companies.

Global Security Mag: There has been a talent shortage for years, what actions can cybersecurity players take to attract new talent?

Blandine Delaporte: The same restraint is repeated year after year: there are not enough qualified cybersecurity profiles regarding the needs of companies. Often there is little SOC and lack of resources and advanced skills to manage technical solutions, interpret them and react. Knowing this gap must be filled, engineering schools strive to make this sector more attractive by talking more about the IT security professions, their challenges and their teaching, but not that’s still enough. Even today, despite some initiatives of this kind, the shortage of vocations persists.

So why not educate young people from college, girls and boys? This will specifically promote diversity. According to a study by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, women represent only 11% of the cybersecurity workforce. Among the causes of this apathy, stereotypes occupy an important place. One in three women surveyed fellow IT security professionals with “geeks”. Cybersecurity must reflect the image of a more inclusive, mixed and egalitarian industry to attract new skills to women.

In the shorter term, the solution could also expand recruitment to versatile and motivated young graduates who are not necessarily experts, and then train them within the company to raise their skills in particularly advanced techniques. .

Global Security Mag: What message do you want to convey to CISOs?

Blandine Delaporte: SentinelOne’s Singularity XDR platform, easy to deploy and exploit, will help you greatly improve your security posture, and it across all your workstations, servers, mobile terminals, workloads and containers, be in your own environment or in the cloud. Come and see us in our stand so we can give you a quick and effective demonstration of our solutions!

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