Arriving in France and raising $ 30 million: Rivery wants to enable ETL SaaS market

Offering a SaaS solution for data acquisition, modification and ingestion, Israeli start-up Rivery is opening activity in France. Raising it by 30 million dollars should allow it to double its workforce worldwide.

Rivery set foot in France. Created in 2017, the Tel Aviv -based Israeli start -up in the ETL SaaS market – which also has offices in the United States in New York and close to the West Coast – will open its French entity. After the first seed lift and first product launched in 2019, the young shoot already has about ten customers in France, including Webedia and Blablacar. Rivery’s positioning shows itself, like Talend, the French heavyweight of open source ETL, in the market for data retrieval, modification and loading. But in a 100% SaaS anchorage where the competition is also fighting (Alteryx, Fivetran, Trifacta …). “We are able to integrate all the data, infinitely measurable, into one product that is very easy to use and pay for as you go,” summarizes Thibaut Ceyrolle, head of Rivery’s activity in Europe, who will lead the launch of the French activity. .

Among the specifics presented by the young shoot: the possibility of creating complete data models and packaging data flows into kits that can be reused by other users through a marketplace. Built on the basis of proprietary components, this solution allows non -developer users – from a low code perspective – to easily manage data models. The solution uses native connectors, approximately 200, for native interfacing with company applications but also, of course, their data warehouse. The SaaS solution is based on the AWS cloud, whose instances are hosted in the Dublin zone. “Depending on customer demand, we may choose to go with other hyperscalers,” says Thibault Ceyrolle.

A unified approach to the data pipeline

The start-up relies on simplifying the entire data pipeline, from data orchestration and integration functions to observability tools, or even catalogs and data workflows to differentiate itself. A unified approach to the data pipeline in a fully managed mode “without infrastructure or upgrade costs” is also a strength of the product according to Rivery. “We see a lot of appetite and traction in the French market and we’re the only one with the full loop of ETL processes in SaaS”, says Thibault Ceyrolle. “We have adopted a consumption model based on the amount of data exchanged according to connections to API resources and the frequency of execution […] we define metadata, what is in the database table, we map and detect what is stored and move it to data sources such as S3 to deliver the change process at the level of the datawarehouse itself ”.

“Our approach is scale-up, multi-tenant, with a pre-configured marketplace and data hub,” explains Taylor McGrath, Rivery’s client solution manager. “Data loads come from a variety of sources that extract, stream, and capture real-time data to feed enterprise data warehouses.” Another solid point of the solution is to allow data loading in a push down mode that is charged for the amount of data consumed, but also reverse ETL. “Unlike other players, we offer reverse ETL that will allow us to take data from Salesforce, for example, and pull data”, Thibaut Ceyrolle specified.

A dozen customers in France

Rivery’s latest $ 30m round, led by Tiger Global Management, follows the initial (Series A) round of $ 16m in March 2021 in which State of Mind Ventures and Entree Capital participated. In France, the start-up has approximately ten clients. The French market represents one of the major publisher developments in Europe. The financial contribution will make it possible to continue developing the solution, to increase the recruitment of sales representatives and engineers.

In France, the recruitment of 5 people is in the pipeline in the coming months, says Thibault Ceyrolle. “This is the second country in the number of users after the United States”, the leader announced. Worldwide, the company has 75 people and will double its workforce. By using a unified data pipeline approach that spans all the bricks and processes of ETL, Rivery thinks it has found the perfect recipe for winning over users. A successful bet so far.

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