When money is just called money

(By Roger Gbegnonvi)

He sang and danced angrily, “Money calls money. It is current money, its instinct has increased. But the lack of money, the missing money, also requires money. And so, the rich and poor suffer under the dictatorship of money. Seeing the suffering of the poor. But the biggest misfortune seems to the rich when he has not yet decided to invest the overflowing money in something outside of himself, which can be called perfect. Here, in their misery, are three very rich Beninese.

Lucien rents many villas. At the end of each month, driving his driver, he turns to the landlord to collect cash rents, because he has a holy grail of checks, simple paper that piles don’t tell him of anything useful, while the bank notes taking the place of the foam on his mattress, that makes sense! He supports that a tenant claimed at the end of the month that he was not ready. The following month, he was here at home with his carpenter in charge of removing part of the roof, only to whistle at the immediate end of the recess, in case the debtor did not give him the two months due. And Lucien doesn’t grow up by humiliating his tenant.

Lambert is looking for women who are always younger and more beautiful than others, because he doesn’t appreciate their charms forever. After a maximum of three years, after giving him one or two children, he could no longer find the sweetheart he wanted, he left the open country, and freed the place for the new, all was well. Attracted by his wealth, a saleswoman became his mistress, by playing with tenderness. Because she knows she gets tired quickly, she offers him, in addition to himself, his beautiful 18-year-old daughter. Offer accepted. According to his pleasure, the man therefore goes from one to another. The mother hopes to delay the release of her silver lover in this way. And Lambert doesn’t humanize himself by objecting to the two women.

Desiring to be forgiven for being a great drug trafficker, Donatien haunts the religious cults that pervade the world and, obviously, the favor of the Creator of worlds. He often welcomes their leaders to his table, fills them with caviar, sprinkles them with vintage wines for those authorized to drink them and, above all, does not allow anyone to leave without being too polite. sliding in his hands an envelope full of bills. .of the bank. He wrote the names and the amounts received in a notebook. We do not know the reasons for this guarded memory. On the other hand, we know that the guests, whose job is to take away the sins of the world, strongly attack theft, rape, lying, hypocrisy, prostitution, etc., but forget about the drug hustle. . Intimate gratitude to their benefactor? It is as if the artificial paradises that drugs give to the desperate by gradually destroying them are in favor of their religions. And Donatien and his baited hosts do not live by granting freedom to death.

Life or death, the problem is not money, it is when money only calls money. It’s not used, it’s misused. Whether religious or non -religious, one must know, for that reason, that money in addition or excess, must be used to create what is necessary for those who bow under the burden of life to rise. The rich or the very rich must have the mind of an honest steward. Alas, the overflow of money is obscured by reason, and the rich believe that they should continue to pile on themselves indefinitely, as if the advancing misery was advancing towards the sea, the desert and the stone, and not towards the people. similar. Jesus the Christ, “the son of man”, warned man: “You cannot slave for God and for Money. »Predictive comparison of Beauty and Ugliness! To say that by serving one, man is serving his salvation, that by serving one, man is serving his destruction. If one listens and listens to the son of Man, one knows that the salvation of man is in the hands of man.

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