the leader in virtualized network infrastructure

Leading the field of virtualized networks, the 6WIND company includes the major structural changes that make up our world today, in the digital age. Interview with Julien Dahan, CEO of the company.

So far, qwhat is the state of the market?

Julien Dahan: To fully understand how 6HANGIN now occupying a central role within its ecosystem, it is important to fully understand the current situation in which we find ourselves. As Gartner explained, we are now faced with huge changes in demand and market turmoil due to the particular health crisis where, overnight, hundreds of millions of people began working. remotely, in the digitalization of our interactions with our smartphones (Gaming, Streaming, Video on demand, social networks) and in the disruptive level of technologies (5G, IA, Cloud). This situation has forced most telecom operators and companies to adapt very quickly. In the face of the rise of telecommunications, whether through business activity or the increasing use of our smartphones in our private lives, today’s networks must evolve in line with disruptive technologies, in order to provide a concrete answer to face of this exponential demand.

Is this really the goal your company is now setting 6WIND for?

Julien Dahan: 6WIND is a leading software publisher in the field of virtualized network infrastructures. In particular, they are high-performance, virtualized networks that are end-to-end secure. Faced with new digitalization challenges, the “new world” requires software -based virtualized networks, running on so -called virtualized machines (VMs) or Containers (CM) in the Cloud. Today, operators want to have access to network infrastructures that are capable of evolving very quickly, with the ability to reconfigure themselves very quickly according to the performance that operators want. Therefore, 6WIND is setting up very scalable offers such as VSR’s product line “Virtualized Service Routers” and 6WINDCloud to start in a specific region, in a country, or on a global scale.

To fully understand the situation, can you explain to us more accurately what are the reasons that lead operators to turn to this type of technology?

Julien Dahan: Operators want to quickly initiate these structural changes for several reasons: first for their competitiveness, these players are in fact increasingly competing with hyperscalers (AWS, Azure, GCP) or new participants; therefore they have no choice but to evolve. On the other hand, when these actors become virtual, cost reduction is very important; this allows them to be more competitive. It also gives them agility, flexibility and more simplicity every day to develop their technologies. They now have the possibility to launch new services very quickly, almost in real time, with very short Time to Market! I configure my network, I integrate my new service, and I deliver it to my customers.

In a few words, what offers does 6WIND offer?

Julien Dahan: In terms of products, 6HANGIN will develop several product lines. Most important are the so -called 6WIND VSR “Virtual Service Routers” with a full product line of fully secure and very high performance routers as well as 6WINDCloud based on a “Cloud Native” distributed architecture that provides allow scaling according to his needs. Today, at the level of virtualized networks, we deliver the best virtualized routers on the market. Overall, we provide competitive, high-performance and secure end-to-end solutions to operators and large companies.

What are the issues around 5G today?

Julien Dahan: The infrastructures we offer target very specific markets with players who are specifically in need of our products and their high added value. This includes the 5G, IoT, and SD-WAN markets. In the field of 5G, there are many applications, with broadband services on our smartphones, services around telesurgery, smart cities, autonomous cars or even industry 4.0. However, all of these services are based on the use of 5G which offers very low latency, broadband, and virtualization, in order to have virtually autonomous channels. We certainly want to deliver the right infrastructure, by offering real flexibility to make applications work over time.

What are the ambitions of 6WIND now?

Julien Dahan: Now, I want to refocus the company’s activity on virtualized 5G, IoT and SD-WAN networks, i.e., very strong growth markets where you can have real added value, and where we can deliver best products. 6WIND now has very good prospects ahead of it, the goal is clearly to be the next Unicorn! Our company is expanding all over the world, we opened our subsidiary in Singapore. In 2021, the business will see strong growth, in fact, we have achieved more than 40% annually, with a cut of 45% in the US, 35% in EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa) and 20% in Asia Pacific. Ultimately, the goal is for 6WIND to be recognized as the world’s leader in “Private or Public” Cloud virtualized networks.

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