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Marc Simoncini invited us to the Angell Bike offices to introduce us to the Cruiser; the iterations around its electric and connected bike, which launched with massive fanfare in December 2019. We were there too. We’re just telling you about it. After risks in production, quality and design, the brand continues to believe in it, with a new level of service (Angell Back) and a “new” product.

Angell Cruiser, exercise in humility

We were a bit mistaken

The businessman began his presentation with an act of balancing. Changing self -satisfaction – “Our vision of city change and mobility is right “ – with mea culpa – “we were a bit mistaken“. The vision is really a city with fewer cars, less noise, less pollution … and more bicycles.”We were a bit mistaken“when, according to Marc Simonicini, they think they understand that user expectations are too high on a bike that will offer use close to a smartphone. While the brakes specified are”bicycles that offer greater safety“at”not flying“, not a bike with a touch screen.

Some success …

The Angell Cruiser cockpit hanger
just cruised

According to information provided at this press conference, “an Angell bike was stolen three times less than another electric bike“. The source of this information? The insurers. We hear the unspoken and create evil spirits. Maybe Angell Bikes are three times less stolen because they are three times less on the street than others. No. we know. And the making of evil spirits is not our thing. Another success is the clients. “72% of first -time buyers“Slips the boss to us. Almost 3/4 of Angell’s customers are people who have decided to take an interest in electrically assisted bicycles because the Angell brand has been able to attract them.

Some don’t know …

An Angell Cruiser multi-tool ...
An Angell multitool … (this one works fine (a priori))

The perspective that guides this Angell project is the observation made in 2016, the city we know is full of cars, scooters. The noisy and polluted, crowded and frozen city was unbearable. In December 2019, Marc Simoncini told us how the vision came to him. When he suggested to one of his children to pay him for the car license, the latter refused and told him “but, the license, it would be useless to me. My movements are different. Especially on the bike“.

Like many start-ups that have entered the VAE, there is a “desire to revolutionize mobility“, a search”too many cars and motorcycles in the city“. On the other hand, the brand doesn’t know how to tell us, what is the modal shift of its 5000 customers. Have they ever left their car (or motorbike or scooter) to start pedaling? Or are these Angell riders have (they have they have left the corridors of the metro and other RER to travel using a VAE. The company does not know this, because they admit that there is a point of naivety, “we did not ask ourselves the question“. Nerd!

Some failure …

Cyclosphere was not kind to the brand when it was launched. A bicycle launched on the market is probably too early, with a lack of technical expertise. According to the teams, painting processes are not always respected. Results: frame that and go to after-sales service. An administration to indicate to people on the assembly lines (who assembled fryers and toasters in Seb), with left pedal and right pedal. In an upside down yarn. Result: bikes return to after-sales service because the pedals are flying (and the cyclist is stuck).

Battery connectors not delivered in accordance with specifications. Result: alarms that sound spontaneously, batteries disappear while driving, without warning. Here are some examples of failures over the past two years. These are misfires, in our opinion, due to a digital approach to cycling when it was first necessary to think in industrial matters.

Some lessons learned …

An Angell Bike that no longer works

The bike on sale today, the Angell Cruiser, has been converted into a “hundred specific industrial points“announces Marc Simoncini. 200, if the adjustments to the software and the application are combined. Also, a bicycle does not sell quite like an iron. The buyer needs to touch, weigh, see You also need to communicate talk to an expert about It.FNAC salespeople are experts in their departments.They may not be confident enough about bicycles.

We wrote “maybe” because we didn’t do the checking exercise. Because we, when we are looking for a bike, we go to a … bicycle dealer. When you’re looking for a camera, you’re not going to the bike shop but to Fnac … So the showroom opening in Paris (to start), the store is at 12 rue des Filles du Calvaire, in the 3rd district.

The arrival of the Angell Cruiser range

Angell Cruisers

Will the arrival of the Angell Cruiser set put Angell at travel speed? The future will tell. So far, based on customer feedback, first time buyers, we have had to offer more comfortable bikes. With less inclined front position (hence less lowering). The brand also announced a “relaxed” position on these Angell Cruisers and a “dynamic” position in the Rapide range (the v1 of the Angell Bike).

The choice of handlebar on the Angell Cruiser greatly affects the position. The handles are curved towards the back of the bike (mustache hanger in fact). The tires will also make a difference. When the Rapide in size M (1m70 to 1m90) is mounted at 700x35c, the Angell Cruiser in the same size is delivered at 650x42B. More generous tires, which better absorb bitumen irregularities.

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The after sales service …

Angell offers, under certain specific conditions, the “Angell Back” system. In summary, if your Angell is stolen, just replace it with the brand. Also, for 5000 bikes in circulation, Angell offers a free evaluation for everyone. Moreover, when we asked Marc Simoncini: “Given the significant iterations between the V1 2019 and the bike on sale today, to what extent have the previous series not been simply replaced?“, in response, he advanced this figure:”About 20% of the bikes of the first series come back to us, we replace them“.

Finance …

As for Marc, he didn’t want to give exact numbers: “This Angell Bike project has between 20 and 30 million euros invested since 201620 or 30 is big money. A quick calculation … the bike was first sold for € 2,690. The case therefore (if 5000 is sold at the list price, which remains a generous assumption) is 13.4 million euros. the low case (investment at 20 million euros), there are still 6 missing, 5 million euros before its stake begins to recover.

Those of consumers. The Angell Cruiser is on the € 3490 price list, pre-orders available on the brand’s website for delivery in June. The Rapide is exchanged for 2990 €. Prices thus rise. Also note, when in 2019, the battery was announced for a range of 70 km, the 2022 versions announced a range of 50 km.

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What to think?

In 2019, we compared these Angell bikes to proposals from VanMoof or CowBoy. In any case with regard to target customers and the desire to make the bike a desirable solution for those who do not already know. Connected bicycles, unavailable (or virtually unavailable) if they are stolen. In our opinion, this remains true in 2022. Technical and equipment options (a speed, for example a machine) may remain debatable.

We’ll end this post as we posted in 2019. For the same price, you’ll find more used and better used bikes. On the other hand, if the design and the promise of the brand appeals to you, give it a try. Among the promises, a bicycle was assembled in France (in Seb), which would explain the price difference with the Belgian and Dutch brands mentioned above. Finally, the financial base will reassure you, there is little risk that the brand will die tomorrow like the late Coleen.

Angell Cruiser electric bicycles

The Angell /M Cruiser

165cm – 190cm
Front/rear indicators
Alarm and geolocation
Removable battery

The Angell /S Cruiser

155cm – 175cm
Front/rear indicators
Alarm and geolocation
Removable battery

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