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Inovexus, the European early-stage accelerator fund, has announced its first investment in French start-up Naas.

A specialized data science platform applied to process automation for decision making, Naas is the first start-up to join the 2022 class in the acceleration program. He will thus benefit from specialized support with Christophe Jouin, Netflix’s Director of Ecosystem Engineering, as an advisor, to meet his international ambitions.

Inovexus, European early-stage acceleration fund,
announced its first investment in French startup Naas

The first cross-border acceleration fund with Californian DNA has chosen to bet on startup Naas, a specialized data science platform applied to automation processing for decision making. It is the first start-up to join the 2022 class of its acceleration program, and it benefits from tailor-made support developed by Inovexus to meet its global ambition.
Naas aims to make “data science” accessible to everyone.

Companies are collecting increasing amounts of data in all areas, but few manage to understand it through one discipline: data science. However, this expertise is still new, and Naas has observed that there are not enough specialists to meet the needs of companies that continue to grow around the world.
“With Naas low code templates, it has become easy to automate processes, create visual analytics to track your most important data, and use artificial intelligence algorithms to help with decision making. Therefore, we position ourselves as “Zapier of data science” (leading company in process automation), with the addition of analytical bricks and machine learning/AI “ explained Jérémy Ravenel, CEO and co-Founder of Naas.The open source platform launched at the end of 2020 is primarily intended for regular users of Jupyter Notebook (data scientists/analysts), the reference tool on which the solution is based. This initial market represents approximately 10 million users. Thanks to its catalog of customizable templates that apply to Internet content creation, marketing, sales and other key company functions, however, Naas reaches a wider audience (Excel users and other “no-code” tools) that are numbered in the billions. So far, Naas has more than 2500 users in more than 75 different countries. It collectively builds its business offering with its first clients in the media, marketing, finance, and portfolio management sectors, and builds promising links with universities and colleges in France and the United States.
Philippe Roche, Founder and CEO of Inovexus explains: “Naas stands out in the market by its very easy to use” low-code template “solution, built in open-source, and running on a ready-to-use and secure infrastructure. The unique” business-ready “and collaborative vision of data science, the execution capacity of the co-founders combined with validation by experts in the field, one of whom is a mentor at Inovexus, are decisive elements in our choice to invest in and support Naas. ”

The Inovexus acceleration program with Christophe Jouin as a mentor

For Jeremy Ravenel, “The Acceleration Program connects Naas to a vast ecosystem without borders, truly open to the global aspect. From day one, Christophe Jouin – Director of Ecosystem Engineering at Netflix – fully understood our vision because its teams use the same technological bases. Once you get to this level of exchanges, there is no limit to what we can do, grow and be on stage on the way to making it happen ” continues to explain to Jérémy Ravenel.
“Naas’ business is essentially about democratizing access to data science. That is, to offer all companies the possibility of exploiting all the information they hold from their data. Not all of them have the way to have internal teams that specialize in “data science”, but now they can take advantage of it, gain a real competitive advantage, and thus come up with the best strategy. “ explained Christophe Jouin.

Inovexus continues its ambitions to have a portfolio of more than 200 startups by 2025

“We are here to enter American DNA in the way of funding European startups, and to safeguard the future of global tech companies. For investors, our funding allows them to be ahead in the capital of the most promising technology companies with global ambitions. ” said Philippe Roche, founder and CEO of Inovexus.

About Inovexus

Inovexus is the first cross-border acceleration fund in France and Europe. Its goal is to help the most promising start-ups scale up. The program is based on two pillars: strategic support provided by recognized advisors around the world, and an initial investment of 150,000 euros from the Inovexus Ventures fund.
About Naas

Naas is an open source platform that democratizes access to data science through “low-code” templates. Based on Jupyter Notebook.

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