“I have never met greater joy”

After living the nightmare of every goaltender giving up twice in 16 seconds late in the third period, Samuel LeBlanc immediately forgave himself when he saw his best friend Jack Martin rush at him when there was joy after scoring the winning goal at the start of extra time.

The 17-year-old goaltender, who should easily find a buyer in QMJHL’s next draft, still can’t believe how the Flyers have succeeded in all likelihood.

Not only did the Maritimes representatives in the Telus Cup tournament win all seven games of the tournament, but the Flyers also became the first team from New Brunswick to lift the famous trophy.

“It’s amazing,” LeBlanc exclaimed, when reached by phone at the Calgary airport on Sunday, minutes before he boarded the return trip.

“I was not happy when they scored their two goals in the latter part of the third. But I was shocked when I saw Jack score then walked towards me. I’ve won a few tournaments in minor hockey, but I’ve never known more joy than on Sunday night. It’s really intense, ”LeBlanc said.

“We played with a heart. I hope I convinced a QMJHL team to give me a chance, ”he added.

The author of the winning goal Jack Martin also summed up the success with the word incredible.

“What we went through was really amazing. I was a little tired of the celebrations last night, ”admits the 17-year-old defenseman who, except for any surprises, will start the next campaign with the Halifax Mooseheads.

“In overtime, when I saw the opportunity to support the attack, I immediately went dark and Preston gave me a good pass,” he said.

Martin, who has been named the tournament’s most important defender, said the Flyers began to believe in the possibility of winning the tournament after their first win on Monday against the Mississauga Reps.

“After this win, everyone in the locker room knew we had a chance to win,” he said.

For his part, Philippe Collette is extremely proud of his team.

“Everyone played their part,” said the Acadie-Bathurst Titan prospect. We have proven once again that we do not give up. Even at the end of the game, when the Cantonniers tied the game when we had a two-goal lead, we didn’t give up. Of course, we were shocked and extremely frustrated on the bench, but we took advantage of the break before taking extra time to regain our concentration.

“We lost to a very good hockey team on Sunday. But we won because we worked hard. We deserve this championship, ”said Collette.

The tournament’s top scorer and most important player Luke Patterson talks about a win… which is really incredible.

“It’s really amazing,” he said. Looking at what is written on social media, we begin to realize that all of New Brunswick is proud of us. I would say what made the difference was we preferred the trophy more than the other teams. Admittedly, we were really bad in the first period, but we recovered in the second by putting more effort into it.

“And before extra time, even though the Cantonniers only tied the game by counting twice, we knew we just had to score the first goal to win. And that’s what Jack did, ”said one who should play a key role with the Cape Breton Eagles next season.

Defender Jérémie Richard spoke for his part of a victory in which all the players were able to contribute in their own way.

“All the boys know their duties before they start the tournament,” he said. Some helped the team win by blocking shots, others by getting the puck in the crease and some by doing good forechecking. This is a contribution that does not appear on the score sheets, but is nonetheless very important. This championship was won as a team.

“Of course it’s annoying after the Cantonniers tie the game at the end of the third. The last 30 seconds are long. But then, in the locker room, John let us know we knew what to do in overtime because we’ve won on such an occasion twice in a week, ”showing one considered a third-round CSR prospect seen .. of the next draft of the QMJHL.

“This championship, I will remember for the rest of my life. For 50 years, I will be proud to tell my grandchildren, ”says 16-year-old Acadian.

Noah Matulu was another fully satisfied with this Telus Cup conquest. He also hopes to win points in the eyes of the leaders of Rimouski Oceanic.

“It’s been a very exciting week,” Matulu said. We showed that we have a very good group of players. The fact that we are a family and that we never stop encouraging each other (each other) plays a big role in our success.

Preston Lounsbury, who passed on Jack Martin’s winning goal, has since had a smile glued to his face.

“Really fun,” Lounsbury said with a laugh. We won this tournament as a team, the whole gang together. From the first match of the tournament, we told ourselves we had a chance to win the final. I now look forward to the next step. I’m getting ready for training camp with the Moncton Wildcats. “

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