Bac pro students leave their training to go to work and it is stressful

This is a situation of concern to school leaders and teachers. Because of the immediate pay offered by job -seeking companies, more and more young people in the vocational baccalaureate are resigning before getting their diploma.

Vocational high school in hospitality and catering in Argelès-sur-mer © Maxppp/Clementz Michel/PHOTOPQR/L’INDEPENDANT

Bac pro exams start now with professional exams, the “Orals of the masterpiece”, a kind of Grand oral equivalent in the professional sector. But are all the candidates there? Nothing is more certain. Vocational high school principals have seen a disturbing phenomenon since last year: after incarceration, students did not return to class and did not finish the year to pass their professional baccalaureate. Meanwhile, they have found a job. This is happening again this year, especially in sectors that are under pressure such as the hotel and catering industry or personal services. Young people are tempted to leave everything to earn money.

Some resignation letters

Laurence Colin again received a resignation letter last week. He is a member of the SNPDEN (main union of leaders of establishments) and principal of a professional high school specializing in hotels, restaurants and tourism in Arcachon. In this letter, a student informed him that his decision was complete, that he wanted to work and that he could no longer pass his exams.

Nine students last year made this choice this year in his high school, a number “big“, according to the principal.”We are in a sector where professions are in tension, lack of manpower“, explains Laurence Colin,”and following internships, bosses make them gold offers. For a young person, 1000 or 1500 € seems overwhelming. They decided to stop once just a few weeks before the exam, which was unfortunate. “

They tell us that they have already made their decision, that they will never go back to it.

Attempts to keep them until graduation

If so, “They were told that a month before the exam, even if they did not attend class, because they had already validated their CCF, their control during the training. [il s’agit du mode d’évaluation en filière professionnelle]they could still come along for the exams but they refused“, Continued the headmistress of Arcachon.

He was worried to see them leave without a diploma: “If they want to continue their education or switch sectors, it will be more complicated.

I fear that after this somewhat golden age, it will have consequences for their future.

School leaders don’t always rely on parents to help them convince their children to pass their baccalaureate: “Often students are still young, so parents tell us that if their child has already made a decision, it is his or her choice and they have nothing to say.“, He lamented.

The weight of the social environment

The social environment also weighs in on this option. “The youth wants to be free, he no longer wants to depend on his parents, he wants to have his own apartment, his own life “, his confession. For him, it’s a coincidence and he doesn’t see more unfortunately_ ”.

For some young people it is a quick solution to earn money in the short term.

Teachers are also trying to change their minds, as is Jérôme Dameray, a mathematics-science teacher, and member of Snuep, the Professional Education union, who also observed this phenomenon at his establishment in Reims.

The problem”he said, “it is in vocational high schools, the young people we accept are generally from a disadvantaged or even extremely disadvantaged social background, so whether it is in apprenticeship where they receive little salary or in direct employment there are no Qualifications, for some young people, are a quick way to earn money in the short term“.

But Jérôme Dameray explained that agreements have been reached between high schools and professional branches to ensure that this drift is limited, even at a time when there are labor shortages. “We are vigilant in any case, we, as a trainer “said the teacher,we tell young people that they really need to have their qualification before getting a job because it will be better for them in the long run. “

In the long run, everyone will be defeated. Young people of course, but also companies, and more generally the French economy, will lose skills and level of qualification.

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