A doctor was honored for his contribution to the welfare of children

The founder of the Center de pédiatrie sociale Sud-Est, Dr. Élaine Deschênes, is the recipient of the 2022 Erminie Cohen Compassion Award presented by the New Brunswick Adoption Foundation.

Winners of this award are selected based on their unique contribution to the welfare and well -being of children, youth or families in New Brunswick, as well as their ability to inspire others, be a catalyst for their commitment and serve as their mentor.

Founded by Dr. Élaine Deschênes the Center de pédiatrie sociale Sud-Est in Memramcook after inspiring and rallying many key stakeholders in the private and public sectors. Under his direction and thanks to a community approach, the Center helps children and families in vulnerable situations.

The main interested party admitted that he was not alone in working for the welfare of the children. “Actually, a lot of us work for kids, investing time, energy and new ideas,” he admits.

The pediatrician admitted that the people around him and others had been involved in childhood for a long time. “I want to share and celebrate the commitment of all these people,” he said, in relation to the prize awarded to him.

“Beyond social pediatrics, there are people who really believe that childhood is an important stage in a person’s development, and I’ve found that we don’t talk too much about these people. There,” he said.

The winner can talk about social pediatrics for hours. He mentioned on this subject that much has been done, but there is still much to be done. “We officially have three centers in the French -speaking phase,” the pediatrician said.

“We are missing a lot of pieces to deliver fully what the vision and mission of a social pediatrics center can give to the child. We are still under construction and in development”, she illustrates.

The service is also offered in Kent-South and Kent-North. “There will be an official opening on June 10 in Richibucto, if the weather is good,” she said. Eventually, the opening of a community social pediatrics center was also planned in Bouctouche in September, but Drs. Deschênes is already seeing families in this locality.

In fact, under the name Center de pédiatrie sociale Sud-Est, a non-profit organization, there are three service points: Memramcook, Bouctouche and Richibucto.

Dr. Élaine Deschênes is pleased with the development of the house in Memramcook. “Now we welcome our children. You see, it was so much fun this morning. We had a clinic and the kids didn’t want to go. And yet we talk about their health, both on the medical side and on the psycho-socio-emotional side as well. We really do the informal between games, the open and equal discussion, the sharing of experiences, ”the pediatrician said.

“A community social pediatrics center is a physical place set up to serve the children of this community,” he defined.

“Ideally, we start with pregnancy, then continue because we know that pregnancy has a big impact on the development of the baby. We must support our pregnant women, ”the specialist said.

Why a Social Pediatrics Center?

Compassionate Award winner Erminie Cohen was initially dissatisfied with the process done to help families. As a pediatrician, she sought help with physiotherapy, speech therapy, and other services that required multiple visits to families often unable to show up.

“I will remind you that we are talking about vulnerable families. There are some who have no car, no insurance, cannot pay for gas or parking to go to the appointment,” the pediatrician explained.

“That’s what a social pediatrics center wants to understand, and it forces us to look at other determinants of health: parental illness, economic uncertainty, peer judgment, fear, parental anxiety, not important .What surrounds the child, we will try to understand it well by non-judgmental in order to optimize the favorable conditions around the child for his development in general “, explains Élaine Deschênes.

“We need volunteers, we need help with homework, art therapy. Many young children do not speak words, but through art, either drawing, music, singing, dancing. We need psychologists, “he added.

Sale of used books

In addition, the Center de pédiatrie sociale Sud-Est is organizing the second annual sale of used books, puzzles and board games on Saturday, June 4 from 9 am to 3 pm at the Abbey-Landry school gymnasium in Memramcook.

“We received a ton of books, puzzles and board games,” explained Paul Auffrey, president of the local committee of the South-East Social Pediatric Center. The needs are great and this fundraising is important for the center. Memramcook.

Only cash will be accepted. The books will not be sold individually, but at a cost of $ 10 for 10 books. Puzzles and board games will be sold for $ 5 each.

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