Selling foot pictures on the Internet, a thriving business, especially to young people

Taking pictures of feet, a new way to make money. (©

the fetishism has existed since dawn. But in recent years, with the advent of social networks and specialized platforms, the selling foot pictures proves to be an attractive activity for young people and dedicated accounts are proliferating.

Just by typing “sale feet” on instagramor simply “feet”, an endless list of accounts appears: “Pied_de_femmes”, “”, “photos_de_pieds_sexy”…

Chloé* is 18 now but she was 17 when she started selling pictures of her feet. Current waitress at Paristhis dark haired girl will start studying architecture with Bordeaux (Gironde) in September 2022.

Pictures against beautiful totals

It all started for her at the end of December 2020/beginning of January 2021. At that time in Terminale at a high school in the suburbs of Paris, Chloé registered on an online dating platform. Website: Special feature of this platform, all accounts are anonymous. “When people don’t identify themselves, people are more free to talk,” the young woman explained.

After a few days of presence on the social network, the high school student received an anonymous message offering him a decent amount in exchange for a photo … of his feet. “At first, I said no. I found that super weird. But in the money dimension, I thought. What exactly are foot pictures? »

After a few proposals, almost systematically developed by the men, he accepts. His first shot, a simple plunging photo at these feet. “As if the customer were my eyes and he lowered his head,” she describes.

For this simple photo, suburbanite accepts an instant transfer of 50 euros to an online payment application.

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300 euros per photo

Excited, he left to tell his adventures to his friends. “We laughed about it, but it did not surprise anyone. It is true that in our generation, we know this phenomenon.»

At first, he sends simple pictures of his feet, paying attention to the background (mirror, reflection, clothes …), so as not to be recognized and put himself in danger.

But over time, the high school student accepts other requests, each more absurd than the other. And once there are special requests, such as varnish or presentation, the price increases.

The maximum fee I took for a photo was 300 euros. This request is pretty ridiculous. In this photo I just have to cut my feet with slippers and black varnish. That’s all.

Chloe18 years old, formerly selling foot photo

At this time, her account on the platform is completely no longer engaged in dating activity. His biography: a foot emoji and another ticket. “I can’t write the full“ I’m selling pictures of my feet ”because the application would have banned me”, defined the beautiful brunette.

This money, like many young people at that age, he spends on shopping and parties. “I didn’t have any particular financial needs at the time, I lived with my parents. »

A vicious circle

Months passed and requests increased. One day, a user offered him a transfer of 700 euros for the photo of him licking his feet. Too much for him, the red line is crossed. “You have to set limits. Since the client has already transferred to me, I know he will do it to me if I do. But you must not give up because then it is a vicious circle.»

If we ask him for pictures of him nude? Yes. But he did not send anything. “Then, if we fall here, we can’t get out of there…” The young woman explained that she had friends, all as young, who gave in to temptation in large numbers.

Over time, the girl, who was still a minor at the time, began to feel weak vis-à-vis her activities. “I felt dirty,” he breathed. I was already feeling bad about my life and it obviously didn’t help me. You can imagine what the customers are doing in the photos and I’m disgusted. »

500 euros per month for a few shots

His activity, he will do for six months. Each month, he receives on average more than 500 euros for some photos. The upside is he didn’t last long.

By marketing pictures of their feet, some people come to generate huge salaries, sometimes up to 5,000 euros per month, as the Belgian media wrote. Information in the South.

At the legal level, the sale of photos of this type is not illegal. Companies, specifically advertising, are regularly looking for models. But that had nothing to do with Chloe’s experience.

“But honestly, I invite people who are tempted by this experience to think clearly. It starts with pictures of the feet but customers quickly ask for more and we know they are paying. If you give in to the demands, it only gets worse. It could be more… ”

*The first name was changed at the request of the young woman, who wished to remain anonymous.

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