Santa Teresa 2022 Day 2 – Chung, High Klassified, Tizzo, The Weather Station, Safia Nolin at Totalement Sublime

Throwback to this second day of Santa Teresa, this very cool suburban festival.

On this second day of festivities in Santa Teresa, I am so happy that I once again set foot in the yard of my CEGEP. Despite the years that have passed, I am still happy to find Sainte-Thérèse, a city that reminds me of the best years of my youth. What’s also nice about Santa Teresa is how the organization has managed to make this part of the city a large, engaging and vibrant village.

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I started my day on Chung, I don’t know who I’m facing. I found the young rapper and his DJ on the Desjardins stage. The two were able to create a beautiful atmosphere and some members of the public were even able to dance despite the intense heat. In a decor reminiscent of the suburbs (white fence, plastic flowers in a pot), Chung showed his impeccable diction and his talent for catchy songs. He ended his performance with a new song from the upcoming second EP. A great discovery, honestly.

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High Classified

Then, I go to the big stage where a rap party starts. If I admit that I didn’t go to Sainte-Thérèse for tonight in particular, after all I lent myself to the game. When I arrived, I discovered High Classified on DJ sets. As a storm begins to threaten the north coast, High Classified asked the brave crowd who were ready to be brave in time for him to give a hand of applause in the rain. Also, it’s still a bit strange to see technicians fitted with plastic sheeting on the amps as he continues with what he’s doing. But I understand, the show needs to go on, as the saying goes. “This is the best day of my life because I am on the north shore! “, He launched, a little before leaving the stage. Then, after he left, an announcement rang out on the stage: “The weather is forcing us to pause the program. The whole crowd gathered to start moving to seek shelter, while rumors of tornadoes elsewhere in Quebec began to reach us.

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After the storm came Tizzo!

Following the passage of the storm, I came out of my hiding place. Finding a bit of heat (at least 30 degrees when I arrived, but in the storm, the temperature dropped sharply), I headed to the big stage. I think I caught a few minutes of the performance SLM, but I’m not entirely sure. Then, Tizzo came, with the biggest smile on his face. The public was obviously overjoyed when they found him and knew his songs very well. From the very first piece, the audience accompanied him and seemed overjoyed. Strength and fun are contagious, even if it’s a style that personally doesn’t appeal to me.


Then I went to the Holy Grail to find friends who wanted to see Mocha. Interesting, because instead I talked about my time with Cégep Lionel Groulx. During that time, I went to the Holy Grail several times. But, as I realized on my way there, it has been seven years since I finished my CEGEP. Despite everything, memory as a faculty not forgettable, I got there without using my GPS (well, almost). The show of Mocha would have started at 7 pm When I left with some other friends around 7:45 pm to see The Weather Station at church, it still hadn’t started. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the show.

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The Weather Station

It’s always scary, I found out, going to a performance at a church. Maybe because of my upbringing, but for me being in church is serious business. Tamara Lindeman opened the show with a capella, showcasing from the first notes the extraordinary acoustics of the church. Moreover, the nature of this sound allowed Lindeman’s voice to soar towards us, very gently. “It’s nice to sing in this beautiful church, it’s like I’m singing in the universe” the singer launches the show pretty quickly. It was impossible to disagree with him. If he admits The Weather Station more accustomed to playing in rock bars where “smell beer”, very good at mixing their music with the atmosphere.

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I admit, I know The Weather Station especially in name. I doubt I even looked at one of their albums. So I can’t say if they even played songs from their last album How Should I Look At The Stars or instead ofIgnoring. But the friend I attended on the show leaned on my ear at one point to tell me that a particular piece was fromIgnoring. So, I conclude that at least one song came from this album. I can confirm however that the very first piece is stars, and that it is frankly wonderful. I forgot the fun of discovering new groups during the festivities.

If I had just one small downside to this show, it would be the following. While talking to my friend at the end of the show, we noticed that reverb the voice is so present that we cannot understand everything being sung. Ang reverb the nature of the church is probably sufficient. However, it was very beautiful and very well executed.

Safia Nolin and her guests

Safia Nolin later took place on the church stage. A few hours before the show, I realized that this was the second time I would see the singer-songwriter in concert. Each of those times, I went through a recent separation. If I expect to cry all night, Nolin instead put on a show in a rock format. First of all, he didn’t put himself in the middle. No. It is eccentric, on the left. The center is instead occupied by bassist Agathe Dupéré (paddling pool), somewhat in the background. Rather interesting choice.

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Safia Nolin released a mini album Seum last year, where he lent himself to the experience of whole band. It was in this same perspective that he presented himself to both musicians. In addition, special mention went to guitarist Marc-André Labelle who offered a thrilling performance. The church lighting really also added a little something to the presentation. For example, when Ugliness, the room falls into darkness, with the only light behind the stage like a beating heart. He also offered 1000from his album Seum, all lights off, headlamp well lit on his forehead. He feels he is becoming a beacon to all the souls gathered in one room. As if she was trying to tell us: “don’t worry, it will eventually be fine, follow your light and until then, I will be there for you. »

It is also interesting to find Safia Nolin with his somewhat clumsy and very funny character. On several occasions, he made the room laugh because it was hot and unable to concentrate, or because he was just joking with his very receptive audience. Among other things, he performed a new song written as a group, supposed to be “maybe our entrance to the radios, to the money”, as he put it. All ears, I was anxious to hear, until he offered a cover (frankly well done, this is not the first time he has lent himself to the covers after all) of Boulevard of Broken Dreams. He also amused the crowd when he explained that he wrote this song after the group and he broke down and he had to walk to the side of 20.

If each of the guests of Safia Nolineither N Nao, paddling pool and Bibi Club, had time to present an original piece, the moment where they shone most was during their cover of Lesbian Break-up Song. For the latter, the singer-songwriter sat aside and let Agathe Dupéré, N Nao and Adèle Trottier offer their beautiful version of this amazing breakup song.

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Absolutely Awesome

When I came out of church, my friends, who had decided to visit Princess Nokia on the big stage, sent me a message to tell me that they were in Protestant to see Totally Sublime. Then I went there immediately. I pushed open the chapel door to greet the intense heat. If I really enjoyed what I heard and danced at least a little bit, I’ll admit that it was so hot that at the end of the show, we went out, while I was shaking with a heart attack that was really unpleasant. I still plan to try to come back to see the band at the concert soon.

Then we decided to leave, very discouraged by the heat of the Protestant who wanted to come back to listen to Robert Robert. If tiredness is there in return, the pleasure of returning to the holidays and rejoicing with friends is also there.

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