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Sage, the leader in accounting, finance, HR and payroll management technologies for small and medium-sized businesses, was recently pleased to announce the opening of its annual event: Sage Sessions Morocco. A special edition marked this year by a return to the forefront and a program rich in exchanges to support Moroccan SMEs in the digital shift.

The market leader in integrated accounting, business management and payroll solutions in the cloud, offers dynamic tools that enable real-time visibility of all internal and external operations of the company. Its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) also has immense interoperability with third-party software, making it possible to cover eall business operations.

The ERP revolution, a strategic and productive change

During the economic recovery, the publisher wanted to highlight the advantages of using ERP solutions to meet the needs of companies, regardless of their size. With over 6,000 customers in Morocco, Sage supports companies in their digital transformation.

The health crisis is clearly marked before/after in companies, with particular evidence of the digitalization of management processes. Demands for cloud solutions are growing around the world, and specifically in Morocco. “Sage solutions are increasingly in demand in Moroccan companies. There is a real awareness of the contributions of the cloud,” said Martine Cazemages, vice-president of the International Division of Sage.

If these solutions are synonymous with more fluidity and better data control and security, a real ERP revolution also involves company management. For Fahd Meski, vice-president of AUSIM (Association of Information Systems Users), “the adoption of ERP is not just a DSI project, it is a business project”. For Abdelouafi Elidrissi, CIO of Polymedic: “This is also a natural revolution. The ERP or integrator fills the gaps in an internal organization and optimizes our workload. On his side, Salim Guerraoui, Associate Director of CAP One, said, “ERP enables a company increase additional value and face challenges in a structured way ’.

Cloud solutions, growth levers and competitiveness for companies

Participating in the plenary event, Fahd Meski, vice-president of AUSIM, noticed a major change in SMEs during the crisis in Covid. “Digitalization used to be an option. Now, this is a necessity and a machine of acceleration. Sage solutions provide visibility and coordination of all departments of a company in real time. Ahmed Chahbi, chartered accountant, member of the National Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants (OEC) and president of the OEC’s National Commission for Digitalization, particularly testified to the contribution of Sage solutions within the profession. “The chartered accountant profession is evolving and digital solutions provide real flexibility, in addition to traceability and a grain of productivity”; he was delighted. For the AUSIM representative, “cloud solutions support a new generation of employees.”

Sage aims to break down barriers so that everything can thrive, starting with the millions of small and medium sized businesses, ETI and chartered accountants we support with our partners. Our customers trust our financial, human resource and payroll management software to keep their business running smoothly.

By digitizing their management processes, companies stay connected with their customers, suppliers, employees, banks and government. The mission is to simplify daily life while giving them valuable advice. Breaking down barriers also means devoting time, technology and experience to dealing with the digital divide, economic inequality and climate crisis.

Source: Official press release

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