Rich Man Mocks Veteran Selling Toys Until He Sees His Brother’s Pendant on His Neck

A wealthy lawyer taunts a poor veteran selling toys on the street, until he notices a familiar pendant hanging around his neck. The object was once owned by his brother who had long since disappeared. Because of this encounter, he remained silent and regretted his past accomplishments.

Scott Powers is a wealthy lawyer whose firm has several branches in America. In particular, he held his wealth from his father and, from there, he built his company, which was one of the largest in the country.

One day, Scott left his office to go to the bar. He was in a bad mood after the long case he had been working on, and wanted to relax.

Walking towards the bar, he passed a man wearing a torn military uniform on the road. He sold old toys like dolls, teddy bears and cars on the side of the road. “Support the troops!” he shouted.

Scott stopped in his tracks and looked at the veteran with contempt. He doesn’t believe in pro-bono work and is only satisfied with multi-million dollar deals, which belittle people who don’t have much livelihood.

“These toys have brought happiness to my children. Now they can bring joy to you,” the uniformed man said happily.

Upon hearing this, Scott smiled. “Are you serious? No one will buy you a toy if you’re wearing that,” he sneered as he looked at the man.

“Why not? Their toys are beautiful, sir. Please buy them. Promise, they will make the children happy,” the veteran politely replied.

“You look like a clown. Why are you in military uniform? There is no war here. You are making fun of our army,” he continued.

The man suddenly looked sad. He adjusted the collar of his uniform, exposing the silver pendant around his neck.

The man is selling used toys on the side of the road. | Source: Pexel

Scott had to look twice after realizing the necklace looked familiar. She couldn’t believe it when she looked closely and noticed that the brother was hanging on the man’s neck.

Scott and his brother Victor have been separated for many years. In fact, the lawyer has almost forgotten about his brother, whom he last saw when their father died.

At the time, both Scott and Victor wanted to inherit their father’s company. They argued, because Scott thought he deserved more to be the eldest son. Victor, who had always been quite sweet and kind, did not want to argue with his brother and therefore did not insist on inheriting the company.

When their father died, Scott was already a lawyer. The will originally stated that Scott and Victor would inherit the company as partners, but Scott did not agree. He forged the will, and Victor got a small amount of money, while Scott got most of the fortune.

Scott feels victorious at first, thinking he will be happy in life. However, as he grew the business, it became his universe, and he only felt loneliness. He had no family to share his wealth with and was only focused on his work.

Scott’s whole life has been his job as a lawyer. | Source: Pexel

“Where did you get that pendant?” Scott asked the man on the street.

“Yan?” he replied once taking the necklace. “That belonged to my companion. He died in the war, but I survived. He gave it to me before he died,” the man revealed.

Scott’s heart suddenly pounded. “Did Victor return to the army ? ”, He said to himself.

“Can I know the name of your roommate?” Scott asked suddenly changing his tone to the man.

“Victor Powers is his name. He’s a hero, and he saved our squad,” the veteran boasted.

Scott turned pale, and he began to sweat. His heart was broken because Victor Powers was his brother, and hearing his name gave him a shiver.

“I sell my children’s toys to help Victor’s family. They get a pension, but not enough. I have a wife and three children,” the man revealed.

Scott recognized the pendant the man was wearing. | Source: Pexel

Scott covered his mouth with his hand, still shocked. “I’m sorry for being harsh on you earlier. I’m a proud and arrogant man. I shouldn’t have judged you,” he apologized.

The veteran shook his head. “Don’t worry, it’s okay. I look like a fool in a military costume. I’m wearing it to honor Victor, but at first I don’t think people will get it.”

Scott bought all the toys the veteran sold. He reveals that his brother is Victor and he has not seen him since their father died.

Upon hearing this, the veteran removed the necklace and no doubt handed it to Scott. “It’s now,” he said. “I’m sorry you never saw him again.”

Scott couldn’t stop crying. He squeezed the necklace in his hand and quietly apologized to the brother. He asked where Victor’s widow and children lived, and the veteran was happy to take him there.

When they arrived, Scott introduced himself. “I’m sorry … I know it’s too late to apologize to Victor, but I also want to apologize to you,” Scott said to Amanda, Victor’s widow.

Scott visits Victor’s family, hoping to make up for them. | Source: Pexel

“I’m sorry for all this. I wish I had gotten in touch with him, and I wish I hadn’t just let the money get in the way of our siblings. I’m so sorry,” Scott sobbed. “I wonder if he will ever forgive me,” he sighed.

Amanda smiled at him and showed the pendant. “You have to open the pendant,” he insisted. Scott glanced at the pendant he was holding and slowly opened it.

It contains a picture of Victor’s wife and children and another of them and Victor when they were young. “He’s already forgiven you. You should know that,” Amanda said, reassuring him.

Since then, Scott has vowed to take care of Victor’s family. She bought them a house so they didn’t have to rent anymore and opened bank accounts for her children so they didn’t have to worry about their education.

Scott also offered Amanda and the veteran, named Michael, to work at his company. They both got high -paying jobs, which allowed them to live comfortably.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Money cannot buy happiness. Scott thought he would be happily ever after when he was rich. She realized that wasn’t true after she lived without a family.
  • Living a life of love brings you happiness while living a life of greed brings you unhappiness.. Scott lived a loveless life, focused on work more than anything. It became greedy, arrogant and lonely. He later came to understand that living a life of love and compassion brings happiness.

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