Gounouihou Trophy: Saint-Cloud won unopposed

The finals without too much suspense, it is said, leaves little mark in history. However, how could not qualify the fifth national title won by San Cloud history, 60 years after the latter? Admittedly, the gap seems big, this Sunday at royal bridgebetween Saint-Cloud and Biarritz. But the water bottles poured on the skulls, the liberating jump into the lake of 18, the laughter, the songs and the sips testify to one thing: the wait is long. Really very long.

The advantage right from the foursomes

In two mornings four things, San Cloud showed up with exactly the same pairs as the previous two days. Other options than Biarrots, which are aligned Joseph Linel at Alaric Thank you from Soultrait in the top four, instead Nathan Trey at Hugo Riboud. But at the start of the game, the Basques struggled: a bogey on 1, with a hole loss, a ball in the penalty area to the right in front of four, with the same result, and a ball in the bunker to the left of the green on 5 , to pass 3 down facing Maxence Mugnier at Julien Sale. The latter, with a very good putt, countered the first biarrot birdie at 6.

Things got really complicated from the 9th for Biarritz, with dealing outside the border of Alaric Thank you from Soultrait. Four holes in the back, the Basques could no longer catch up. A final birdie from Saint-Cloud at 14 allowed them to win, 5 & 4.

Julien Sale brought the decisive point to Saint-Cloud, during the singles. (Alexis Orloff / ffgolf)

In the second game, Paul Piedelievre at Martin Perrigot seemed somewhat carried away by the pressure of the event at the start of the game. Sobra kaya Faustin Labadie-Destenaves at Rodolphe Cicala quickly take two lead holes. But there again, a putt for the birdie at 6, very similar to that of Julien Sale and returned by Martin Perrigot, reversed the dynamics. From the end of the first leg, the fight was square again. At 12, he passed 1 for Saint-Cloud for the first time. Finally, on the 17th, a three-putt from the Biarrots ended the morning session, with a 2-0 mark.

Dirty made clean

Saint-Cloud only needed two points to become champions of France, and the first was decided very quickly. In the top game, Philippe Schmohl agreed a bogey on the 1st, before losing the ball to the face-off on the 4th, then losing the 7th on a very solid putt for a birdie returned by Maxence Mugnier. In the next hole, the Basque confrontation ended outside the boundaries on the left, giving an almost certain indication that the advantage was for Saint-Cloud in this battle. Without a big mistake, Maxence Mugnier won, 6 & 5.

Back on the wall, Biarritz hoped Hugo Riboudagainst a Julien Sale as accurate and solid as in the morning. But here again, Saint-Cloud made a good start to the fight, before gradually getting a high hand: a hole won at 7 (1 up), a birdie from Sale at 8 (2 up), a bogey from Riboud at 11 (3 up), a water ball at 13 (4 up), and to close the deal, a final birdie at 14. Actually, the final ended in the middle of the afternoon. But after 60 years of loss, not many of the 150 or more people gathered at the Saint-Cloud clubhouse to watch the final felt relatively early.

The words of the winners

“Very good, reaction by Julien Sale. I’m really very happy for the team, for the club, thanks to all the club supporters who have come over the past two days. I didn’t have much stress this morning, I took it as for the European championship, I did my job. At Maxence, we played very well, we made very few mistakes. We knew it wasn’t over, that Biarritz had a great team, that we had to stay focused in the afternoon. We had the idea to win all the battles, not give up. »

“We’ve been fighting hard for 5 or 6 years, where the captain Thomas Sirot. It is progressive. This year, we came up with a competitive and somewhat experienced team. At lunch, we let the players know that we were so far from winning, we had already experienced it. We had to keep hitting our shots without restraint. We played without strategy, we put our best players in the first battles. It’s fun to have so much support. This is a contest that is very close to our hearts. »

The picture

Saint-Cloud players have shown that they know how to celebrate victory with dignity. (Alexis Orloff / ffgolf)

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