“Changed” face, “Drugs”, Alcohol “once you wake up”, “Suicide” and “Illness” … it’s a thing of the past!

Fiona Gélin will turn 60 years old on May 22. The actress, who was injured during incarceration, has found the joy of living thanks to her famous partner, 20 years younger than her. Her famous family, her glamorous photos, her regrets (“I was a pair of breasts and buttocks before being an actress”), her addictions, money, her child … and all you don’t know about shining. sexagenarian.

Fiona Gélin celebrates her 60th birthday this Sunday, May 22nd. If the actress left a lasting mark in French cinema and theater, she would have had a career full of pitfalls, marred by alcohol and drug addictions as well as (recent) money problems. But now, the actress has it found love again in the person of musician ChardRy. Outside the tunnel, the actress wins the fight against her old demons. His famous family, his dramas, his companion, his son … here is everything you don’t know about Fiona Gélin

Fiona Gélin: a golden family

Fiona Gélin was born on May 22, 1962 in Boulogne-Billancourt. He is the son of an actor Daniel Gelin and the model Sylvie Hirschmuse of Christian Dior in the 1950s. She is the half-sister of the actors Xavier Gelin at Maria Schneiderbrother of the actor Manuel Gelin and the director’s aunt Hugo Gelin.

Fiona Gélin posed for Mireille Darc

This is by posing for attractive pictures in magazines Playboy at Heespecially for the purpose of Mireille Darcthat Fiona Gélin is starting her career.

Fiona Gélin: her alcohol addiction

Fiona Gélin leads in a intense resistance to alcoholism For many years. The actress started drinking at a young age, she did not realize that she was already in love quicksand of addiction. “I was very shy when I was young. And when I started going to the markets on Ile de Ré in the morning, along with the vegetables, the splash of white wine and I saw suddenly, it disinhibited me, it took away my shame. It started like this“, Explained his son Daniel Gélin on the set of Don’t touch My TVon February 23, 2022.

The harms of alcohol are very real for Fiona Gélin, that is drink rum as soon as he wakes up and consumed the drink throughout the day. “It was one hell of a mess. We commit suicide a little bit every day if we drink (…) It hurts and breaks down. Its face has changed a lot“, He was sad.

Fiona Gélin, was transformed thanks to her son and her (young) companion

This is particularly thanks to his son Milan, 32 years oldborn of his former love of actor Michel Albertini, and of his companion 20 years his junior, musician Richard Bauduin, alias ChardRy, performed by Fiona Gélin win the fight against alcoholism. “I got out three times. What saved me was faith and love. But it is true that it is a sick“, he detailed in Cyril Hanouna’s show.There is love that has come into my life. Alone, I think I would still be taking medicine“, he added.

The actress remembers very well the day when she was decided to take control: “I was so scared. I stopped because the doctor said to me: ‘Madame Gélin, do you want to move on with life or not?’. I said: ‘Yes, I am a grandmother, I have a son, I have things to do’. It gave me the click“.

While with him, he was also given a click to get stuck in it. “I put the market in his hand, I want to commit if he stops drinking“, he recalls inside Gala.

Fiona Gélin also clarified that her passion for alcohol is a sad family heritage: “I have a fragility, that’s how it is. We all have it in my family. My father had one, Manuel my brother has one, my half-brother and my half-sister both died.“. But he’s glad he came up here to serve as”counter-example“to his 33 -year -old son, Milan.”He was perfectly clean, so much the better. She was my great success, like the 10 year old granddaughter she gave me, Giulia“, he assured.

Fiona Gélin receives 500 euros per month

Fiona Gelin “earns only 500 euros per month in incarceration“, Said his partner, singer ChardRy, in Gala, in May 2022. If he helped her break free from alcoholism, the musician also supported her in her acting career and encouraged her to leave the mess. “I encouraged him to put his reading show and poetry on his father, Daniel Gélin, within twenty years of his death, because he really wanted to.“, he explained.

And add: “For her part, she motivated me to set up my production box. We’re not just kidding, friends-loves usit allows you to move forward“.

Fiona Gélin had to sell her apartment: her anxiety

Fiona Gelin mentioned that his anxiety, in November 2020, in Non Stop People. In the excitement, the actress explained that she survived thanks to the allowance for disabled seniors (AAH), because he had osteoarthritis, and he just touched it 500 euros per month.I sold my apartment in Montmartre, because I am mortgaged. How would you like to pay the bills when you are on RSA?“, He exclaimed in front of Jordan De Luxe.

If he’s been able to play games in recent years, it hasn’t caused him to win the jackpot, far from it. “There is no recording of the two plays I did two years ago, they are small tours, so I won a little bit“, he explains. So, Fiona Gélin is trying, somehow, to exit the tunnel : “I have friends, I manage and that’s why I have to finish my third book to have it“.

Fiona Gélin, “a pair of breasts”: her career hampered due to sofa promotion

The actress admitted that her career is paramount tainted with alcohol and drugs. “Alcohol came too late, but drug addiction prevented me from working out“, he explained before leaving:

The main thing that prevented me from working was the fact of refusing to sleep with some producers (…) I was a pair of chest and buttocks before becoming an actor. For Fiona Gelin, to be a symbol of gender is a real disease. “Even now, my fans tell me about my erotic movie (…) Being a sex symbol is annoying. Women envy me“, he explains in Non Stop People.

Ready to tell him the truth, he added that he would not hesitatethrow out the names“by producers who blackmailed him with “discounted sofa“, in his book.”One producer told me: ‘You will never make movies again‘”he added. Because of this advances declinedhe could not have played Detective, by Jean-Luc Godard, with Johnny Hallyday.

Fiona Gélin: drugs, labels and a famous father

But Fiona Gélin is often angry with herself. If he could turn back time, he wouldn’t untouched by the drug: “Sorry. I can still turn ten times“.

As for his surname, similar to his famous father, comedian Daniel Gélin, he also didn’t help much in his career. “In France, we have the gift of put labels on you (…) Everyone said to themselves: ‘Little Gélin must be armored, his father is known’. I think it would be easier to work if I was discovered on the street“. The actress, according to him, missed the roles on appointmentby André Téchiné o The Killer Summerby Jean Becker.

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