Wife Forgets To Drop The Call To Mister, She Accidentally Overheard His Friend Talking

Jeremy was traveling then. He often traveled on business while his wife, Clara, stayed at home. But one day, after their phone conversation, he realized that it hadn’t dropped the call yet. What followed stunned him.

As he was about to lower the receiver, he heard the wife chatting with her friend Holly. The conversation of the two women greatly surprised Jeremy. He could not believe what he heard.

“Okay, honey. We’ll talk later,” Jeremy said, removing the phone from his ear as he watched Miami through his bedroom window. Thus he ended his conversation with his wife Clara.

Jeremy was not at home because of a business trip. He missed his wife so much. Their love is strong and people just envy them.

Despite the pain of the separation, Jeremy endured it because he wanted to give his wife a good life. He worked hard to achieve his dreams. The couple is trying to have children, but their business has failed so far. However, they clung on, not wanting to despair.

They viewed adoption as a last resort, but they remained convinced that they would be parents someday. They look forward to the moment when they will finally be a complete family.

Clara stayed in Austin, where the couple lived. The night of their conversation with Jeremy, he was in the living room with his friend Holly. After ending their exchange with his wife, he returned to his friend without assuring himself that he had hung up the phone.

At the other end, Jeremy hears his interlocutor again, but this time it is Holly who is his interlocutor. He was about to go down when he heard Holly ask Clara:

“How’s Jeremy?”

His wife replied:

“Oh, he’s in Miami, so I’m sure he’s fine. It must be good weather this year there.” Jeremy had time to see a smile in his voice.

“Wow, Miami … I’m jealous. All the beautiful people, the sun, the beach … it’s amazing,” Holly continued.

“Really, it should be fun.”

“Come on, Clara. Aren’t you worried about the situation?” his friend asked.

“What do you mean ?” Clara replied.

Clara and Holly started talking, and Jeremy decided to listen. | Source: Pexel

What if Jeremy is out … you know … “

“Holly! Are you crazy?” angry reply of his wife.

“Not a crazy idea, Clara. Jeremy takes many, many business trips a year, and Miami seems to be his go-to destination lately, right?” Holly added suggesting.

Jeremy could not believe that this woman had not hesitated to indicate that she was cheating on her husband. It was something Jeremy promised himself he would never do, even if he lived another million years.

He returned from Miami with gifts and flowers for Clara. | Source: Pexel

Coming home two weeks later, Jeremy brought gifts for his wife as well as a large bouquet of flowers. Clara seemed to appreciate her husband’s attentions, but she noticed it wasn’t as good as before. It seems that despite what he said to the friend his suspicion went to him.

Another bothering Jeremy, he had no idea what the two women said to each other after he hung up the phone. What he was sure of, however, was that he needed to break the abscess and get to the bottom of things.

Jeremy waited to sit down for dinner before telling his wife: “Clara, we need to talk”. Hearing those words, he looked up from his plate and raised an eyebrow. Worried, he asked, “What is this?”

Clara returned the question to her mind | Source: Pexel

“Honey, I’m so sorry, but,” Jeremy began before Clara interrupted him: “Enough of me, do you want to break up with me?”

Jeremy exclaimed in shock, “What? Clara, for God’s sake, no!”

“Do you see any other women?” he exclaimed. The dropping of these questions was not done to reassure Jeremy who, in anger, declared: “No! I want to tell you that I overheard your conversation with Holly! Do you remember the time we talked and you two together, you forgot to hang up. He went to your head, didn’t he?

He forced himself to look closely at his wife before continuing: “Honestly, I wish I could tell you I heard what Holly said. I hung up the phone when you defended me. But I’ve seen your attitude since I came, I thought that you might have started to believe her. And I don’t know what else she can tell you. “

Clara needs confirmation: “Oh… you heard that? So you’re not cheating on me and breaking up with me?”

“No! You are the love of my life!” Jeremy insisted, placing his hand on top of Clara, who was sitting on the table.

Clara smiled awkwardly before saying, “Well, that’s good. Now what did you want to talk about?”

Jeremy explained his point of view to her, while looking into her eyes: “Honestly, I wish I could tell you that I heard what Holly said. I hung up the phone when you defended me. But because of your attitude ever since I came, I thought maybe you started believing him. And I don’t know what else he can tell you. “

Jeremy wanted to talk to someone else. | Source: Pexel

Clara replied, “Oh. Well, yeah. I guess her words stuck with me. But I shouldn’t have listened to her. Honestly, I’m tired of her bad attitude. I shouldn’t spend time with her, but she’s my oldest friend. “

“Yes. But there’s one more thing I want to talk to you about. I think it’s time we thought about adoption.”

Before Jeremy could finish his sentence, Clara fell in love, “I’m pregnant!”

He asked, getting up from the table and crossing to kiss the wife, “What? Are you sure?”

They were overjoyed. | Source: Pexel

After this incredible announcement, they completely forgot what they were talking about. They were just worried about Clara’s pregnancy. An event they will experience together.

Following this, Jeremy got a promotion in his job. He was no longer forced to travel. He didn’t want to miss even a moment or give Holly another chance to put the bullshit on her husband’s head.

With the birth of his son, Jeremy realized that money cannot buy happiness, and only love is the glue that binds a family together. Most important are the memories we create that are lifelong.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Some friends are not in your heart’s interests. Holly suggests that Clara’s husband is cheating on her without evidence of it. He no longer has to plant the seeds of doubt in Clara’s head that could ruin his marriage.
  • It is important to spend time with your family. Working and earning money are important to survive, but being with your family makes life worthwhile.

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