Who is Olivia Grégoire, the new spokesperson of the Borne government?

1. Speaker

Appointed to the Jean Castex government in July 2020, Olivia Grégoire once complained about the poverty of existing and the making of her portfolio in the media. In his first photos as Secretary of State for the Social, Solidarity and Responsible Economy published in the press, he appeared with a masked face. This period is over: appointed spokesperson for the Elisabeth Borne government on Friday, May 20, a mother for several months (her companion, “from the left”he specified, working in cinema) will be one of the faces of the media at the beginning of the second five -year term.

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2. Bercy

To date, he has worked under the authority of Bruno Le Maire in the Ministry of Economy and Finance. When he came to Bercy two years ago, during the pandemic, he explained that the three adjectives attached to his portfolio – social, solidarity and responsible economy – had “got their full meaning in light of the crisis we are experiencing”. In October 2021, he published “And then? For people’s capitalism” (le Cherche Midi), the only book by ministerial writers led by… Emmanuel Macron.

The sequel after the ad


In 2017, he was met by “the Obs” before he became a member of 15at district of Paris. “I’m a Jack Russell and a bulldozer. I’m not giving up”he said, warning that he had no intention of doing further work if he were to enter the Assembly: “I’ve experienced unemployment, the prud’hommes, I’ve set up my box. Do you think I will put my finger in the seam of the pants? » Nicolas Dupont-Aignan experienced this when he found himself facing the “bulldozer” in deep voice on a TV set: “Those junk experts of yours, that’s enough, you’re tired, you’re lying”he dried him.

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4. Stud

To be deputy in 2017, he had to defeat the very established deputy-mayor of 15at district, Philippe Goujon, in his stronghold. He was hoping for “To tease” in the first round, he finished 17 points ahead, before confirming the second. The impact of Macron on capital. He is seeking a new mandate in his constituency in the June 12 and 19 legislative elections.

Elisabeth Borne Prime Minister: the appointment of a “female monk-soldier”


He is not yet a novice in politics. Former Liberal Democracy activist (Alain Madelin’s party), he worked in the Government Information Service under Jean-Pierre Raffarin, then in Xavier Bertrand’s cabinet at the Ministry of Health, at a time headed by… Jean Castex. “I had the opportunity to measure [son] talented years agohe reacted on Twitter to the announcement of his appointment. A great servant of the state, an expert on social issues and a cheerful Gascon. »

The sequel after the ad

Jean Castex, the removal of the fort

6. Finance

A graduate of Sciences-Po and Essec, he was vice-president of the Finance Committee in the National Assembly before entering government. He was the president of Bruno Le Maire’s special commission on Pacte law, which received him “decisive role” in this text. He created a bill with a colleague to generalize the participation bonus to all companies.


He worked in communications for several companies, before founding himself, specializing in business consulting, Olicare. She speaks English and Spanish, has friends in London and New York. Not surprisingly, Emmanuel Macron’s “start-up nation” immediately appealed to him. “In France, there is a” double bind “ [double contrainte]we are too old or too young ”, he explained to “Obs” in 2017, hoping this will change. For him, it was done.

8. “Benj”

Benjamin Griveaux is a friend. He took care of part of his communication during the municipal elections in Paris, clearly about the bad image of the candidate. When “Benj” ’s intimate videos were released, he pleaded to stop the allegations and welcomed its abandonment: “A decision worthy of what it is.»

Who likes Benjamin Griveaux’s skin?

9. Beaugrenelle

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He was intimately acquainted with his ride, straddling at 15at at 7at districts of Paris. “It was a place where I experienced my sorrows and my joys”, she says, referring to her sick and polyhandicap father who lives in the Beaugrenelle towers. When she learned about her appointment to the government in 2020, the only daughter confessed that she thought of her two parents, who have now died: “I had a difficult course in life. Stability is not a concept for me, it’s my DNA. »

The sequel after the ad

10. Passions

He mentioned swimming, contemporary painting. And literature: Camus, Cioran, Kundera, Echenoz, Jean-Christophe Rufin or Sylvain Tesson.

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