Royce Thomas has been President and Chief Business Officer of CtrlS

He will play a key role in strengthening the company’s global footprint

HYDERABADIndia, May 19, 2022 / PRNewswire/ – Mr. Royce Thomas, an industry veteran and high profile leader in the global data center, cloud technology and telecommunications industries, has joined CtrlS as President and Chief Business Officer (CBO). He has over 30 years of experience in global account management, strategic planning, channel development, business development, redefining business models, designing and selling solutions for businesses and hyperscalers.

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Mr. came with us. Royce from Equinix, where he served as Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Global Account Management. Previously, he held leadership positions at Level 3 Communications and Sprint.

As President and Chief Business Officer, Mr. Royce work closely with the Board of Directors and management team to develop the company’s growth vision and strategy for expanding into global markets, increasing market share and bottom line and making CtrlS the preferred choice for the Fortune 500 multinationals.

Lord. Royce Thomas said, “I am excited to join CtrlS, the largest ranked 4 hyperscale data center in Asia and the preferred choice of Fortune 500 multinationals. I am confident that my experience and expertise, along with the infrastructure, the right will, innovation and confidence in brand enjoyed by CtrlS, will pave the way for the integration of market share in strategic regions of the world.My passion for customer service will allow us to serve our base and attract new customers, improve our market share, in addition to being the preferred service provider for hyperscalers, businesses and all important applications.I look forward to meeting customers and teammates as we work together to create value for all stakeholders, including employees, in my role as President and Chief Business Officer. »

CtrlS is rapidly expanding its data centers in India and will play a key role in providing innovative services nationally and globally. Trusted by 60 of today’s Fortune 500 multinationals, including top brands like Exxon Mobil, Disney, Daimler Chrysler, Samsung, Sumitomo Corporation, SAP, Deloitte, BMW, Philips, FedEx, Uber, Vodafone, Bloomberg, etc. The company is currently expanding the area of ​​its data centers to 5 million square feet (464,515.2 square meters) powered by 1.2 GW of power.

Lord. Sridhar PinnapureddyFounder and CEO of CtrlS Datacenters, said, “Royce is a highly respected industry leader and I am delighted to welcome him to the CtrlS family. As President and Chief Business Officer (CBO), he will play a key role in expanding CtrlS’s global footprint to strategic regions around the world, introducing new and innovative services, establishing strategic global alliances and driving exponential growth for the company.We wish Royce the best in his leadership to lead the team at a higher level with new vision, vitality and strength. »

Lord. Royce Thomas has a peculiarity for India. He traveled extensively in his early twenties and kept abreast of cultural, economic and social development over the past decades. He is now eager to enable the digital transformation of businesses in the country.

About CtrlS

CtrlS is the largest ranked 4 hyperscale data center in Asia and serves 60 of the Fortune 500 multinationals. The company stands out as the largest ranked 4th hyperscale data center in the world. With a current footprint of one million square feet (92,903.04 square meters), the company is adding five million square feet (464,515.2 square meters) of data center space.

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