“My Roma should have won the Champions League, but …”

Medhi Benatia (defender at AS Roma in the 2013-2014 season), was interviewed Retest.

” First of all, I remember the love we created in the dressing room and the love from the public. I came at a difficult moment, there were criticisms from the public, I was wondering where I had landed. There was a special atmosphere, the final against Lazio was gone. We started strong right away, I remember that many wondered if I could replace Marquinhos, it was not easy to fit, but I had a clear idea, I needed to bring Rome back to their place. That’s what I promised Sabatini when I met her: “I don’t care who leaves or stays” – I told her – ” for three years I brought Udinese to Europe, I guarantee you I will be part of a Roma that will return to the Champions League“. He loved that speech and it got off to a great start. 10 wins, then we had a drop and Juve scored over 100 points, but it was an extraordinary season. In Rome this is the place where I felt the best, I bought a house in November and I want to stay. The executives at the time made it clear that I wanted to leave and I regret that because so many fans believed them. They always sell everything to make money, instead of building a team to win. ”

“In December of the first year in Rome, I could have gone to Manchester United. I would have won 4 times what I won in Rome, but I refused because I agreed with Sabatini to bring Roma back to the Champions League, then at the end of the season decide to But I told them I would do what was necessary for the good of Rome if they needed it, but I repeat: I don’t want to leave Rome. I love Sabatini, he’s a great guy, but at the end of the season they gave me a renewal offer that I didn’t expect. The City wanted me but I refused in June, because in January Rome promised me renewal but it didn’t happen. When I came back I realized they wanted to sell me, but I didn’t ask for the money Bayern would give me later. I asked for a salary so I could feel I was important in the locker room, but not crazy numbers. I look like shit, but I will never accept that, because society has such needs. Fans need to know the truth and they will find out later. Sabatini is one of the best in Italy, with Massara they did an amazing job, they are special people, see now Massara and Maldini in Milan, obviously it’s not their fault, but the fault of owner. A Roman president who comes twice a year, but how do you do it? In a place like Rome? Rome must fight to win championships every year with the fans they have. In Bayern they have top teams and clubs, but no passion for tifosi Giallorossi »

“You mean players like me, Castan, De Rossi, Totti, Maicon, Salah, or Nainggolan, Marquinhos … We should have won the Champions League in addition to the championship. Juve won because they developed a cycle with many important players. It can’t be the coaches ’fault. You can’t sell players all the time “.

This is a phenomenon he deserves to win, hopefully he will do in Rome as he always does. But in the future, they will need to make a stronger team with him. The Lombard director is a wonderful man, he will do a lot for Rome, I met him in Juve. Tiago Pinto is very smart, they will do well, Roma are now in the hands of great people, now they have a serious company, that will do well, the team will be strong, with Mourinho. Rome is on track to try to win titles because people deserve to win. Roma entered Mourinho’s heart, you saw him, he worked everywhere, but here he is excited. I already know him because he often goes to Qatar for BeinSport, he also finds me on his teams when I play, I always tell him that working with him would be the best. He’s a whole man out of football. I saw him very relaxed and I saw he was excited ”

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