Biarritz and Saint-Cloud climb to

And the Lighthouse took Saint-Germain

After an insane day on Friday, this Saturday’s two semi-finals, according to their relatively linear scenario, almost seem pale. But at the level of a semi-final of Gounouilhoueven if the situation doesn’t go from one extreme to another every minute, a treat remains unchanged: the beautiful golf game made by four teams, this Saturday at royal bridge.

Even on the one hand, Joseph Linel did not budge, to offer a very important point to Biarritz. (Alexis Orloff / ffgolf)

After the defending champion the day before, Saint Germain in this case the vice-champion will have to face Biarritz. Line up again in the first morning foursome, Valentine Luna and the captain Romain Payet again showed great effectiveness. In front of Nathan Trey at Hugo Riboudback to the square at the turn after being led all the way, the Saint-Germanois won on the 10th, then on the 12th (the Biarrots face-off ended in the middle of a cypress), then again the next three holes, to win 5 & 3.

Different scenarios in the second match, where the advantage, when any, is always for Biarritz. Rodolphe Cicala at Faustin Labadie-Destenaves counted up to three holes in front Thomas Perrot at Tom Auvray. But the experienced Saint-Germain pair fought to the end, returning 1 down at the start of the 18th. against.

In the afternoon’s five singles, the physical freshness of the Basques, who brought three rested players, was an important asset to their success. Certainly, in the lead match, Valentine Luna led the whole fight against him Philippe Schmohl (but still have to go to the 19th hole to win). But behind it, last year’s finalists made a difference: a first victory for Nathan Trey5 & ​​3 facing Tom Auvraythen the second signed Joseph Linel2 & 1 in one Pierre Nouailhac who however dearly sold his skin.

Le Phare only needed one point to enjoy the joys of the final, a point contributed by Alaric Thank you from Soultraitwho took advantage of the 15th to allow him to win, on the 17th, against Jules Lauer. “It liberates a little bit, Joseph Linel’s breath after the outcome. I was a bit stressed the morning before the doubles. This afternoon, we had to do the work, and that’s what we did. There was still a bit of pressure, but we put ourselves in our bubble to manage to get back three points. »

Saint-Cloud is finally holding its final

Sixteen years. Sixteen years where San Cloud waited, before seeing his team return to Gounouilhou in the final. And this is not for the lack of reproduction of appearances in the final stages in recent years. This time, the Clodoaldians had reached the extreme confrontation, and for this they crossed (we cannot say mounted) an additional step called Cannes-Mougins.

Despite a festival of birdies from Tom Vaillant, Cannes-Mougins didn’t stop Saint-Cloud. (Alexis Orloff / ffgolf)

As in the first semi-final, lunch break with equality. In the top four, offering a large poster in between Maxence Mugnier at Julien Sale on the side of Saint-Cloud, and Tom Valiant at Nicholas Müller on the Cannes side, the latter won on the 15th, making it 2 up against the second time. All that to accept the next hole, and return only 1 up. But two friends from Cannes didn’t budge on the 17th, winning the hole to win the match, 2 & 1.

In the second four, the pair is formed with experience Paul Piedelievre and the youth Martin Perrigot again demonstrated its effectiveness. Dealing with them, Armand Papaziani at Rafael Bobo Lloret fought for a long time, which was only a hole in the back after the 15th. But with the loss of the next two holes, they allowed San Cloud to get the score.

The afternoon offers a high quality golf show. Whether it is Julien Sale, Mount Matthewor especially on the contrary in between Marin d’Harcourt at Tom Valiant, the first rain of the week sprinkled Pont Royal, with birdies as drops. On the leaderboard, however, Saint-Cloud gradually took the lead, never giving up. Martin Piedelievre quick wins, 6 & 5, at Rafael Bobo Lloret. Same thing for Julien Salewho succeeded Mount Matthew3 and 2.

One point is enough for Saint-Cloud to qualify. A point that looks great for Maxence Mugnierin the leading battles against Tomeo Tissot. While he was 2 up from 16th, the Georgia State student was pushed up to 18th. But in the comfort of the whole green house, he inserted a long putt from outside that last green, to end the suspense.

“It’s remarkable, smiling said Martin Piedelièvre. Our last final date was back in 2006, and our last success was in 1962. We had so much fun, the whole club was behind us. And we are a close team, we are friends in daily life. This final, we will try to combine everything. »

The last live

As every year, you can enjoy this final 2022 live and full, this Sunday. To do this, go to our Facebook page, and do not forget the alarm clock: first departure, 8am.

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