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Friend, Friend, Hello,

Because of the general enthusiasm to talk about Attack of the Clones, I will go there from my little experience at the time.

So here we are 20 years ago (and I’m already saying that I’m sorry I wrote this …). I haven’t seen Star Wars in theaters yet, not even episode I. I definitely started exploring the universe a few years ago thanks to the broadcast of empire strikes back on the 6ika chain. I like it, but I’m not a fan more there. In other words, with a friend we think we will watch episode 2 in the cinema. I was even wondering if this wasn’t one of the first movies I could watch without my parents. In other words, it’s the foot!

The film opens with the famous scrolling text, and afterwards we find ourselves in orbit with Coruscant flying next to a silver ship. At this point, I’ve got a slap, the music, the sound of reverberation, the image. I feel like I’m there, more so than current 3D movies. I jumped on the explosion of the famous ship …

And one element that surprised me was that in pursuit of Zam Wesell we heard an electric guitar (well what I defined as that), a “modern” sound in a Star Wars (yes it’s a detail that knows I do, but I fix it). We will stop for two minutes with this bounty hunter, who from memory in the books is very close friendly talking about Jango: Zam. Purple, light armor, an oriental inspiration for the helmet in particular: Zam is one of my favorite Star Wars characters. And he died honorably, if I may say that.

She is charismatic, classy, ​​and most of all kind! Did I say I love Zam?

This was followed by a dive into the atmosphere of Coruscant, I remember loving the streets and alleys, because we see the lives of “real people” in Star Wars: the night bar, in Dext ’. Lovely characters but unknown. I like this kind of scene where the viewer has the freedom to invent the past that exists between Obi-Wan and Dexter.

We went to one of my favorite planets (so far): Kamino, to explore the famous clones and necks of giraffes (and not cloves). The music is there again when Taun’We presents its clean warriors to us. On this planet a fictional gesture: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s door opening: repeated many times (and successfully) with automatic doors!

A battle against Jango that I loved: the battle is long and despite the Force we see the weaknesses of the Jedi. Weaknesses that I have only now seen against the Sith.

Finally, I will finish the part Geonosian from the movie: Another new planet and full of aliens, sonic charge, we see the class incarnate Christopher Lee / Count Dooku. His saber … His saber, until now this is the saber I prefer in the universe! Very aristocratic, the way of fighting similar to fighting with a cane, the old -fashioned thing I like! I know I’m ahead of the others, but … But look, he still greets the opponent.

I also remember “machine makers”, another environment we hadn’t seen in Star Wars … A very “video game” environment. But while waiting to go out to a Warhammer playground to blow up some Gungan, well, we have to make them droids!

And finally the apotheosis in the arena … Episode I brought us the Duel of The Fates, and Episode II introduced us to Love Pledge and the Arena: and damn it makes you shiver! So the music associates the image with the arrival of the Jedi aboard the gunboats, the clones finally taking action and the ensuing battle.

I’m not a fan of Anakin and Padmé’s romance. On the one hand, out of pure jealousy and on the other hand because I was so easy. That being said, the kiss before entering the arena, the music rising in intensity brings an additional dramatic dimension to the scene: the calm before the murder.

If all goes well, you can tell yourself, Father Goran is cute, but he skipped half of the movie both … Yes, because Attack of the Clones remains Star Wars of the Luke era that I don’t care much about appreciated. Lengths that didn’t quite carry me. And yet the music of this episode remains for me at its best. And also thanks to this film that ranges from novice to Star Wars fan, thanks to books like: Boba Fett Apprentice mercenary, The shadow of the hunter; magazines: official files, video games: Republic Commando, Star Wars Galactic Battlegound …

I finally deleted the initial conclusion of my article. And yes, because in the meantime, I’ve seen it again, and if aging is to be seen, it remains a foundation for understanding the first trilogy.

For me, of the three prequel films, Attack of the Clones is the most important in Star Wars history.

There is a villain in this picture, can you find him?

May the force be in your favor!

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