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617 million euros is the turnover corresponding to gambling attendance, in the second quarter of the year 2021. The value has never been higher since the beginning of online games, in 2010. According to a study conducted by the National Gaming Authority, sports betting is experiencing rapid growth. Online poker or horse betting, zoom in on the favorite offense of the French.

While the practice of gambling increased by 35% compared to last year, and reached more than 3 million players in the first three months of 2021, the ANJ recorded in the second quarter a record 617 million euros. The level of sales has never been matched since the opening of the very first online game, in 2010. In various sectors of online gambling, it is not surprising that sports betting is the most successful. In fact, the sporting calendar has become particularly attractive recently with Euro football and the Grand Slam at Roland Garros, attracting more enthusiasts and new players, eager to win the jackpot. It is interesting to note that the online gaming market has recorded almost 260,000 additional players compared to the first quarter.

If the number of players increases, the stakes get higher and higher. Thus, the National Gaming Authority observed an increase in sports betting stakes by 79%, reaching 2.1 billion euros. The increase in stakes is also significant in the horse racing sector with a market of 481 million euros, i.e., a rate increased by 60%. Poker also had prosperity during the confinement, before becoming stable in 2021 for a 9% evolution with a market of 120 million euros.

Sports betting is the most successful online gambling game among the French. Boosted by various sporting and championship competitions, turnover has now reached € 420 million in the second quarter, a level never matched in a quarter. A figure that can be explained in particular by the major sporting events that have punctuated our year, such as the Euro football tournament or the Grand Slam in tennis.

Players can bet at any time and for any sport: rugby, volleyball, boxing, basketball, hockey or cross-country skiing. In Belgium, for example, sports and gambling enthusiasts rely on Belgian sports betting solutions such as Bet777. They offer a large catalog of sports to choose from, including e-sports (video game tournaments).

Sports betting is particularly attractive because it involves a lot of emotions. Fear, fun, adrenaline, everyone is betting on their favorite player in hopes of seeing him win and win the jackpot thanks to him. Moreover, no specific knowledge is required to get started in the adventure of sports betting. Professionals try to collect future winners, while amateurs prefer to bet for their favorite player, just for fun. Nevertheless, betting money on sports betting should remain a hobby, players should pay attention to the phenomenon of addiction.

ANJ conducted a comparison study to update different gambling profiles. Here are the findings of the study:

  • Men represent a large majority of gamblers, regardless of game money. However, sports betting was the game most used by men, representing 91% of players in the 2nd quarter.
  • The median age of players varies according to the gaming sector. It is at 30 years old for sports betting and poker, and approximately 48 years old for horse racing betting.
  • Most stakes are less than 30 euros.
  • Regarding game media, sports betting players use their smartphones for 90%, and horse racing betting and online poker players use the phone as much as the computer.

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