The agenda for your weekend at

Jeff Panacloc Sunday at 4 pm at the Zénith de Saint-Etienne

Climb into the basket and let yourself be carried for a great journey. For this bizarre show, it’s with an uncontrollable emotion that Jeff Panacloc invites you to start his new attraction. Welcome to “Jeff Panacloc Adventure”! Fasten your safety harnesses and let yourself be guided by Jeff, Jean-Marc and their new friends, each more degenerate than the other. Surrounded by a musical universe and a specialized décor, Jeff offers you a terrific performance with uncompromising or forbidden humor for which he alone has a secret. Jeff and Jean-Marc hope to see you again. When you really want something, you always get it.

Profiles: Bonneville + Brique Argent as part of Words & Music at 8:30 pm in Fil de Saint-Etienne

In the apnea between the waste of adolescence and the crash of years past, we run into chrome memories of Brique Argent. We chase the past, into dirty garages, surrounded by modified vehicles. Silver, chrome and ringing phones flashback, underwater, so deep. Where the difficulty breathes. Silver Opera is always under tension.


Naïma Quartet Zephyr concert on Saturday at 8 pm at the Comète in Saint-Etienne

The Naïma Quartet performs simple, beautiful and open-to-the-world jazz that reflects their moods, their concerns and their hopes.

Theater: Me guerre des tongs at Comédie Triomphe Saturday at 9 pm and Sunday at 10 pm

Celine Dion says “Love still exists”. Yes, but sometimes, it’s just the same … not sure. Nothing good is going on between Liliana and Leopold. Every day they just argue with each other and don’t know what to do to save their couple from a certain break-up.
Then they will follow this clear advice “Take a vacation, it will be good for you”. True, what better way to find yourself than to have peace of mind, enjoy the fresh air? Yes, but you still need to put some good will into it. Because a relaxing vacation can be a nightmare where the only rules that matter are bad faith, nonsense, lies and hiding … Who will be the most unbearable? Who sleeps better? Who will more inflame one before he is left to his hunger? Who is the most malicious cook? Who will best burn the mother -in -law’s Kangoo? The flip-flop war, a jubilant dark comedy where you laugh at everything that shouldn’t be done for the couple to continue.

Theater: Come to my place, I live with a friend at 7:30 pm at Agapes and shows in Montbrison

Oscar decides to leave his wife! So far so good! But in a bit of a hurry with this decision … and not knowing where to go, she invites herself to her son’s house! Will these two generations succeed in reconciling? They will learn from each other that happiness is not found where you expect it to be

The quasi-concert on Saturday at 8:30 pm at the Imprimerie Café-Théâtre in Rives-de-Gier

Mimine gathers bad luck like cabbage on a wedding cake.
After Petits Tracas and Grandes Tragédies, Mimine returns to tell you about her retreats and this time is mostly in concert, i.e., perhaps in song or perhaps by crazy characters she has met . on his journey or maybe both … Finally, if SNCF isn’t late, his guitar strings aren’t breaking or a projector isn’t burning, you need to see a high -quality watch. The quasi-concert is in the right place, a fun show sung by a perfectly unlucky actress in a chaotic world.

Soapbox class Sunday from 8:30 am to 5 pm Sunday at La-Tour-En-Jarez

90 competitors will embark on a race for the French championship of soapbox lessons. Or descent of 800 m with a top speed of 85k/h. In this robbery, the youngest registered at 7 years old. Admission and free parking. Refreshment stand and catering.

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